Solid Golden Girls: Tina & Dionne

In 1981, Tina appeared on American music show Solid Gold. Dionne Warwick was the host of that season, and she joined Tina on stage for a very special rendition of Proud Mary: two classy ladies, one classic song! Enjoy this video of their performance.



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11 responses to “Solid Golden Girls: Tina & Dionne

  1. mark, U.S.A.

    I use watch Solid Gold all the time and this show I must have missed because I was a big fan of hers back then. I use think that Darcell, think that’s the girl who always dances in the front, she reminds me of Tina dance moves and delicious legs. Tina is a survivor, and it shows in this video.

  2. Edmund

    was this the same show that Dionne sad bad things about Tina with reference to Arsenio Hall

  3. Gabriele

    That’s fantastic, 2 special Ladys 🙂 Good old times – I loved this show!!!!!
    Thx for posting

  4. Nanc

    I don’t think Tina is wearing heels. If not, its the first time I’ve seen her perform without them.

  5. Money can’t buy class. You’re either born with it or you are not. Period.
    Both ladies exude class and sophistication.
    Fall 2012

  6. Corey

    Legendary! Thank you so much for this post and your exceptional site. :DD

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