Bold and Reckless is a song released on the 12″ and CD versions of Tina Turner’s 1989 hit single The Best. This rock song was written by Jeannette Obstoj and Rupert Hine – the same songwriters duo that was also responsible for 1984’s I Might Have Been Queen that appeared on Tina’s Private Dancer album. The single The Best was released in many formats, on the regular 7″ version of the single Undercover Agent For The Blues was featured as the b-side. Continue reading to listen to the song, read the lyrics, as well as for scans of the Swiss picture CD-single of The Best, on which Bold And Reckless was included.

Bold And Reckless

So yo think you’ve got a hold on me
But did you ever, or is that your fantasy
I’ll miss you when you go,
But, no pain won’t show

I’m free to search and go my way
So bold, so bold and reckless

I suppose you’ve been good to me
Maybe not enough to rock my sanity
You never asked me questions,
And you never understood

I’m free to search and go my way
So bold, so bold and reckless
So bold, yeah bold and reckless

Well, I can’t live in a cage,
I’ve just got to be free, dancin’ and flyin’ away
But your always in my dreams, runnin’
Yes, your always in my dreams, runnin’

So we’ve been gettin’ closer by degree
But, you won’t ever bring me to my knees
You’ll never make me shy,
And you won’t see me cry

I’m still free to go my way
So bold, so bold and reckless
So bold, still bold and reckless

Yes, you were always in my dreams runnin’
Always in my dreams

So bold, so bold and reckless.
Yeah, yeah, so bold and reckless.
Yeah, yeah, so bold and reckless

Still bold, still bold and reckless
Still bold, still bold and reckless

The Best Swiss picture CD

13 Replies to “She’s so Bold and Reckless!”

  1. Wow – I’m totally surprised that the team that gave us “I Might Have Been Queen” also produced this messy caricature. You could argue that it’s also biographical, like Queen, but it’s just awful. Over-produced, simplistic in message… Maybe lightning really can’t strike twice. Though I still wish Tina would skip an Armani show and record a full album with Mark Knophler. TT – if you are reading this – make it happen!


    1. Hi Kevin, thanks for your comment! Yes this song cant be compared to IMHBQ, and that’s probably why it was only released a B-Track…
      But we know that there’s a lot of B-Tracks from Tina that should have been released as single (thinking about Dont Turn Around by Diane Warren)


  2. I remember when I bought the maxi single of the best containing “bold and reckless” the day it arrived in the shops in late summer 1989 in Drammen, Norway. It was released about one month before the album “Foreign Affair” as I rememeber. I actually liked the song bold and reckless more than “the best” at that time, several months later “the best” became an extremely huge hit.


  3. I love ‘Bold n Reckless’! One of my favorite B-sides. I think it should have been on the album. Same as ‘Don’t turn around’ should have been on break every rule and “Rock n roll Widow” on Private Dancer. (It was included on the album in Australia).


  4. I remember being in a record shop in August 1989 and I was browsing though some records, when the sales person from EMI came in with new releases. I had chosen to buy the “Tommy” soundtrack and when I went to the register to pay, I saw on top of the stack the 12 inch of ‘Tina Turner: The best”. I didn’t have enough money to buy both and I told the owner of the shop that I didn’t want the Tommy soundtrack anymore, but the 12 inch of The best instead. I thought it was some kind of megamix from “The best of Tina Turner” as the song hadn’t had any airplay yet and megamixes where kind of hot at that time. Was I excited when I read on the back “from the forthcoming album “Foreign Affair”… The shop owner told me to take both and I could come and pay later 🙂 A few weeks later the single became a European number 1 hit and it was constantly played on MTV.


    1. What a nice story, Lasse, thanks so much for sharing it with us. It makes us melancholic for the pre-internet days, when it was possible to simply walk into a record shop and discover there that a new single/album had been released. The excitement must have been huge! Of course, the internet has its benefits too 😉


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