Tina takes it nice and easy at Macy’s Passport (Updated)

On September 18, 1997, Tina Turner sang at the Macy’s Passport  fund-raiser and fashion show  in San Francisco, CA. The show was aimed to raise funds and awareness for the AIDS virus. Tina performed a set of unplugged songs including “The Best”, “What’s love” &  “Proud Mary”. Continue reading to listen to those songs and for a set of marvelous pictures of Tina’s performance!

If anybody has more footage (video & audio) concerning this event, please contact us! Thanks!

Let’s Stay Together – Live Unplugged at Macy’s Passport 1997

What’s Love Got To Do With It – Live Unplugged at Macy’s Passport 1997

Proud Mary – Live Unplugged at Macy’s Passport 1997





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13 responses to “Tina takes it nice and easy at Macy’s Passport (Updated)

  1. michael

    thanks guy´s, and we all waiting for “the best”:))) more pics in your email…

    • Thanks for the photos Michael, we had them already but due to the lower quality we didnt put them in the article 😉
      But still, thank you and at least we got one reply for this post ^^

  2. marga

    Genial!!!! me encanto, es un regalo para el corazón, es como si estuviera en la sala de estar de casa. Gracias!!!

  3. I joined Krishna Consciousnessness in 1969 and I’ve been listening to Tina Turner since the fifties and would like to do something worldwide singing glorifing the Holy names of God and our Holy
    Saviour and Guru the Son of God etc. My Spiritual Master built a House. that the whole world could’Live in and
    L chant and sing the Names of God.

  4. Faye

    As always, Tina looks and sounds amazing. I’ve not seen this before, thanks for sharing.

  5. Marie

    Wow these pics are amazing! So is Tina. Love the acoustic versions too. Thanks guys!

  6. Jozef

    This is my the most WANTED evening I would love to watching. Actually I have never seen the pictures you uploaded and I have never heard this songs (exclude a really short part THE BEST that is on youtube). Tina looks stunning and the songs sounds great. Thank you guys for this post.

    • You’re very welcome Jozef! Indeed, we would love to see this too. Footage of the event exists, but unfortunately we don’t have it (yet). If we do receive it someday, we love to share it here with all of you on the blog!

  7. Juan

    OMG! I´ve heard “Let´s Stay…” millions of times, as well as most Tina´s songs, and it never ceased to captivate me , but this version I´ve just heard left me breathless in a way I honestly didn´t expect. Thanks a lot for such a nice surprise !

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