Tina Turner Fan of the Month: Sidney

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In the early days of the internet, there was one Tina Turner fan site that was everybody’s favorite: Sid Loves Tina. Many fans from that era still have fond memories of the website, even though it is no longer online, and it was certainly an inspiration for us! Now we have the chance to learn some more about the man behind that site, Sidney, in our latest Fan of the Month interview. To make it even more special: it’s his birthday today! Happy birthday Sid!

Name: Sidney (a.k.a. Sidlovestina)

Hometown: Aalst, Belgium

Favorite Tina song: Help (live version)

Favorite Tina album: Foreign Affair

Favorite Tina tour: Foreign Affair and the 50th anniversary tour (for the memories)

Number of Tina concerts: 26

Sidney lives in Aalst, Belgium, but is originally from the beautiful city of Ghent. He become a Tina fan in 1986 after ‘stealing’ the Private Dancer album from his neighbor. He works as a department manager in a supermarket, and he is also a great chef! He has seen Tina many times (although only for the first time in 2000) and had the pleasure of meeting her in 2004. His apartment is partly in ‘Tina-style’, and he even has Tina tattooed on his arm!

Tina on Sidney’s arm

When did you first discover Tina?

I heard the song Private Dancer on the radio and became curious about her. Later I found out that my neighbor had the Private Dancer record, and I stole it from him. I became an instant fan, it’s hard to describe it… it just happens!

What attracted you to her?

The voice of course! And then when you see her it all comes together… it’s a whole package; the roughness, the energy, the voice and the appearance.

And then when did you first have the chance to see her live?

My first ever concert was in Werchter, Belgium in 2000 on the Twenty Four Seven tour. I actually had tickets for the Wildest Dreams tour in 1996, but I couldn’t make it due to work obligations, so I gave them to my sister (I know, I know). So 2000 was the first time, and it was also the first time I met some of the Tina fans. It was very exciting, I was there with my mother and my sister: they all loved it!

What was the craziest thing that you did for Tina?

There are so many! Maybe going on a trip through the US in 2008: I saw so many concerts and almost went bankrupt. Together with Tina friends Marco and Lars we drove and flew from one city to another: sightseeing and concerts, and then on to the next city. The opening night concert of that tour was certainly one of the most exciting things: my heart was bouncing overtime: although it does not alway show, I do get nervous at times!
Painting Tina on my wall and the silhouette drawing from the Collected Recordings album: all done by my brother. I moved though, so now the painting on the wall is gone.
I have a Tina tattoo on my arm. I thought long about it and then went for it; to this day I have never regretted it, it is still part of me.

Tina painting on the wall in Sidney’s old apartment

You met Tina in 2004; can you describe that meeting?

Meeting Tina was really nice and special. It was all so short notice, calling, making reservations, paying for the flight and hotel… and then finally flying to Zürich and meeting the Queen!
It was thanks to fellow-fan Annemie that I got to meet Tina and of course I’m thankfull forever. Tina was there for the recording of a TV-show called Benissimo show and some of us got to meet Tina (Annemie, her mother, Ben (a.k.a. Robbie Williams ‘Eys’)and a friend of him, and then me. There where so many fans there that are still my friends today.
Tina was so warm and friendly: it really was a once in a lifetime experience!

Meeting Tina in Zurich 2004. From left to right: Matt, Ben, Tina, Annemie, Sidney and Lia.

Can you describe your contacts with other Tina fans and what the Tina fan community means to you?

Over the years I have met some really nice people around the world who I consider to be friends, so it means a lot to me. I have gotten so much from them to be thankful for, and I hope that I did the same for them too. Even when Tina is not touring we still get together and go sightseeing or discuss Tina or listen to her music or watch concerts. Some of my best Tina memories are meeting other fans for the first time: Dave, Sjef, Ben, Marco, Lars, Annemie, Marcin, Luzi, Anja, Stéphane and so many, many more. A special memory is when we went to Dave’s place, viewing his collection, sharing all the stories: it is all part of the memory given to us simply through our mutual love for Tina.

What is the importance of her music and the Tina fandom in your life?

It is really important: I’m busy with Tina stuff every day, it’s part of my life: I listen to her music, see the photos on my wall: life would not be so intense without it all.

Poster signed by Tina at the meet & greet in Zürich 2004

What other music do you like besides Tina?

I like many kinds of music, especially 60’s and 70’s and soul music. When it comes to names: Tina Turner is always number one, but then I also enjoy: Kylie, Abba, Chris Isaak, Coldplay, Placebo, Carpenters, Gabriel Rios, Absynthe Minded. Recently, I saw Michael Kiwanuka in concert and it really was the best concert I have ever seen (besides you know who)!

Finally, the question we always ask: will Tina ever tour again?

Of course not. Maybe the occasional concert (would be nice), but I really think her touring days are over. We all dislike that, but I think it’s the reality.

25 Replies to “Tina Turner Fan of the Month: Sidney”

  1. Nice interview. Quite interesting how he is obsessed by Tina. I recognize some things by myself, but mostly for another singer (I am really a big fan of Tina, but she isn’t my ‘number one’). And even the chance is so small, I keep hoping to see Tina once live.


      1. GREAT INTERVIEW.. The wildest dreams concert was mine and SID LOVES TINA was honestly my all time favorite site there was some stuff on there I still have never seen again.. does sid have a youtube he had some great video’s I used to wait forever to watch on dial up. Tina changed my life!


  2. I used to love Sid’s site! I spent many a night logging in back in the days when I first got on-line. Amazing ! Happy Birthday Sid. And great article boys!


  3. Quisiera que volvieran los años atrás y poder ver a Tina en Argentina, ya que en su momento por razones extremas no pude ir a su presentación en Buenos Aires. Tina es la más grande, su voz, su temple y fortaleza la distinguen… Grande Tina!!!!


  4. Great interview! Thank you Sid for your stories. It’s always interesting to hear other fans’ histories with Tina T. We’ll all be writing more I’m sure 🙂 ‘Waxhead’ 😉


  5. Oh, I remeber when “Sid loves Tina” was the one and only site you could turn to for some rare footage! I´m so thankful to Sid for those times! He always did a lot for us fans, specially for those who are so far away! Thank you Sid! I wish you a happy birthday, and a happy life!


    1. We have great memories of that time Sid! One of the few websites that had up-to-date information, and more importantly, a lot of photos, video, and audio, that we had never heard or seen before at that time!


  6. Happy belated birthday to u Sid! Yes I do remember the site gave us such great info. Thanks rock for all you’re hard work!


  7. Sidney is amazing and the way he describes his experience being a Tina fan makes love Tina even more!! Gosh I wanted to go the Tina! Live Concert when it was filming in Holland! Too bad I couldn’t go. But I still have the DVD and CD!! Love you Sidney and Tina!!


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