Somewhere around 1991, UK magazine Music Stars published an article on Tina Turner. The article includes a short biography, and photos of Tina throughout her career. While the article doesn’t include much new information – it is short and clear for those of you who need to catch up on Tina’s bio, and it includes many nice full color pictures. Continue reading for browsing through the magazine!

11 Replies to “The career of a Music Star”

  1. Amazing Pictures and Article about an Amazing woman. Thanks for sharing this oldie but Goldie article. It’s always good to see Tina Turner back then. And because of you guys I get to know MORE about Ms. Turner whom I love and idolize. Thanks again. ❤


  2. thanks for sharing. and what a nice dress on the BER tour. must be the first few shows. never seen this black dress with “glittering”


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