In 2000, Tina Turner was part of an advertisement campaign for Target, a chain of stores in the United States. Target was the sponsor of the second American leg of her 2000 Twenty Four Seven world tour. Besides shooting a television commercial, a 7-track album was also released, exclusively available in Target shops, called All That Glitters. The album featured two live tracks, 4 greatest hits songs, as well as a new recording: a cover of Prince’s Baby, I’m A Star. The song was already performed by Tina’s backing vocalists on the first two legs of the Twenty Four Seven tour, and for the promotional campaign, Tina recorded a solo version, produced by long-time musical collaborator and keyboard player Ollie Marland. The song was also featured in the commercial. Continue reading for an overview of the Target campaign: the song Baby, I’m A Star, as well as two alternative cuts that were used on television, scans of the All That Glitters album, a video of the television commercial, and scans of the interview that Tina did with Target magazine, that was available for free in the stores.

Target commercial

All That Glitters album

Baby, I’m A Star (full version)

Baby, I’m A Star (commercial edit 1)

Baby, I’m A Star (commercial edit 2)

Target magazine

12 Replies to “Baby, She’s A Star!”

  1. I remember a car commercial very vaguely in which Tina appears in wearing business suit. What car the advertisement was for I don’t remember. I loved it however. As well, I love the Target stuff which I never knew she did. I did know she did the, Baby I’m A Star Song, but never knew where it came from. But wow another surprise that I found here…I knew that she recorded, Hold On, I’m Comin and didn’t know where to find that song. Wow I am so happy. I never heard of the Album All that Glitters but I love it and I am going to buy it immediately. Thank you for this blog. I love it.


  2. i actually have a dance remix of baby i’m a star….i always assumed it was track #8…..but since i have never seen any info about it…..does anybody know who remixed this version?


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