October 10, 1986: Tina promotes Break Every Rule in Holland

26 years ago today, Tina Turner performed three songs on Dutch television. She appeared on a TV-show for the promotion of album sales in the Netherlands, called the ‘Platen 10 Daagse’. She presented two songs from her new record Break Every Rule: Typical Male and Two People, as well as the classic Private Dancer. Tina is introduced by television presenter Ron Brandsteder, and she also appears in the finale of the show. Above you can see the performance of Typical Male, continue reading for the videos of Two People and Private Dancer.




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7 responses to “October 10, 1986: Tina promotes Break Every Rule in Holland

  1. Lousina

    Nice performance (except the miming – this was mimed wasn’t it?), great songs. I always wonder how she get/got her hair like that. Was she wearing a wig or what did she do?

  2. marga

    Genia, genia total, la amo es única, gracias chicos por el material que tan generosamente comparten. Gracias

  3. michael

    is there a chance to see this video also in germany?????GEMA blockéd them on youtube. thanks ben and sjef

  4. Thanks a lot for sharing it! I love that look! It’s intersting that Typical Male has an extended intro. Maybe to give her some more time to enter the stage…

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