Tina Turner guest star at Lagrezette

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Tina Turner was a special guest this weekend for the lauching of the wine season at Chateau Lagrezette in Caillac. She was once again invited by her friend Alain Dominique Perrin, former owner of Cartier! She was already there in 2003 with actor Jean Reno.

Source: LaDepeche.fr

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The harvest festival, which took place last Sunday at Château Lazgrezette in Caillac, at Alain-Dominique Perrin’s place, was the exceptional presence of Amerian singer Tina Turner. Philippe Laville was also one of the hundred guests.
The hundred guests and celebrities who attended Sunday’s harvest festival at Chateau Lazgrezette in Caillac, had the pleasure of crossing paths with American star Tina Turner. No, they weren’t dreaming! The singer came especially to the party from the United States. Long-time friend of Alain-Dominique Perrin, the host, Tina Turner had also been one of the international surprise guests who were seen at the inauguration of one of the first ‘Printemps de Cahors’, a photo festival which immortalized the city, before moving to Toulouse. After that, for the harvest festival of 2003, Lazgrezette again welcomed the super star. That year, the actor Jean Reno was another one of the special guests.
Sunday, Tina Turner came back to Caillac, to the chateau in the middle of the winefields, where exceptional wines are produced from the special grapes. The other renowned guest, singer Philippe Laville, is also a regular at the festival.
The festival takes place every year in the gardens of Lazgrezette. The moment is important, for it is the result of a year’s work, the occasion for the owner and the wine maker to invite a select number of his best private costumers from France and the rest of Europe, and having them enjoy wine from some of the best years. The atmosphere resembles that of a rural festival, with entertainment, wine tasting, culminating in a lunch created to make the best wines of the house taste their best.
The 120 people who participated in the bacchanal feasts, treasure these special moments. Alain-Dominque Perrin greeted his guests, while rejoicing in ‘their precious and steadfast support’, and expressing his affection for Lazgrazette and its wines, further illustrated by his plans for a revolutionary wine store house in Landiech.

23 Replies to “Tina Turner guest star at Lagrezette”

  1. Moi je suis fan de tina depuis âgé de 16 ans eet j ai 46. Ans aujourd hui je l ai vu en concert en 96 a Nancy . Trop géniale mon rêve pouvoir la rencontrer . J ai deja une photo dédicacée à mon prénom je possède 23 albums dvd je L adore c est la reine du rock


    1. C’est génial Claudine! J’ai grandi à Nancy et j’ai encore toute ma famille là bas…et le 25 Juin 96, lorsque Tina est venue au Zenith de Nancy, je prenais l’avion pour les USA et je n’ai pas pu la voir. Mais j’ai toujours “L’Est Republicain” du lendemain avec de superbes photos de Tina en couv’ 😉
      Merci pour ton commentaire!


  2. A chaque fois que je vois Tina en photo, j’ai les larmes. Elle m’apporte une énergie dans tout ce que je fais au quotidien. J’ai fait pleins choses grâce elle et reconstruire le puzzle de ma vie. Et de me dire que je suis capable d’arriver. Elle est une thérapie dans ma vie. Viva Tina et Spécial merci à vous pour votre blog qui électrise notre vie.


  3. Gracias, me encanta recibir noticias de mi cantante preferida y única como es ella la super estrella, siempre eterna TINA TURNER, que vuelva una vez más por favor!!!! gracias otra vez


  4. Super like! 🙂 Love her casual look, wish I can see her whole outfit. She’s wearing Jeans! And She look Amazing still. Thanks for sharing this. ❤


  5. Whaou ! Regardez juste la pèche qu’elle dégage ! Elle est vraiment incroyable notre Tina. Même en simple pull et jean, elle dégage de l’énergie! Dommage de ne pas être ami avec ce Mr Perrin . Imaginez un peu: un vin sublime et une hôte superbe …. ou l’inverse, ça fonctionne aussi!
    Merci pour cet article.


  6. Mais oui! Philippe Lavil ! Je ne l’aurai pas reconnu dit donc … Je dois avoir mes yeux qui se recentre inexorablement vers Tina ! ^^


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