21 years ago today, Tina released her first ‘solo’ greatest hits album: Simply The Best. The album includes many of Tina’s biggest hits, including three new songs: Love Thing, Way Of The World and I Want You Near Me. It was Tina’s first sign of activity after her 1990 Foreign Affair tour, at that time billed as her ‘farewell’ tour. History learns that, luckily, two more farewell tours would follow. But maybe the biggest surprise of this 1991 comeback was Tina’s new hair style. Gone were the huge lion manes – the new look was short and classy. With this album, Tina proved to be ready for the 90’s! Continue reading for the press release that went out for the album. Thanks to Lars and Alan for the scans!

14 Replies to “A new album – a new style”

  1. I remember when this album was released and feeling sad she had cut her hair. I prefer her with the lion mane. I was only 10 at the time.


    1. Of course the big hair is very iconic, but somehow this radical new style fitted the new decade! But, luckily – the mane slowly grew back throughout the years, and it was as big as it ever was during the last tour 😉


  2. Not that I was around when this album was released but I always prefered this hair than the big wigs its showed and brough a different wild side to Tina! Love it xx


  3. Me gusta Tina con todos sus estilos, fue evolucionando según transcurria el tiempo, ella siempre estuvo un paso adelante, por eso es la más grande de todos los tiempos. The Best!!!!


    1. But not so strange to have a greatest hits album after 30 years of career! But the Ike & Tina years were a bit underrepresented, with only River Deep, Mountain High. MY GOD: I just realized there is no Proud Mary on this album! Now I agree with you, it is a strange album!


  4. I thought the dress was the most daring… so much shall we say side cleavage… i was 7, and already gay, when this came out but it was a big WOW moment


  5. I remember when I bought this cd, second hand and the first what I had of Tina. The seller wanted 10 euro for it, but I could buy it for 5 at the end :-). It is a nice album. I think I have to find that video too. And I prefer the shorter hair, it fits her better.


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