Before Skyfall, there was the GoldenEye…

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Today, Her Royal Highness The Queen’s most famous agent is back! The 23rd James Bond movie ‘Skyfall’ will have its world release: and Adele penned and recorded the soundtrack. She did a terrific job – a song in  the original Bond style: a first since Tina Turner sang the title track of  GoldenEye.

Back in 1995, Bono and The Edge of U2 sent a demo track  to Tina & Roger Davies (her manager). They liked it: she recorded it, he promoted it. The result was a European hit single which led Tina to record her 1996 Wildest Dreams album and to tour the world. The song is also featured on the new album The Best Of Bond that was released this month: order on Amazon Germany, UK or USA.

On November 21, 1995, a few days short of her 56th birthday, Tina, looking stylish and radiant in black suit,  appeared at the premiere of GoldenEye at the Odeon at Leicester Square. Watch this video, including a very nice interview with Tina (big thanks to Michael for some of the video footage!), and her encounter with Prince Charles (together with Pierce Brosnan, Judi Dench & Famke Janssen). And try to spot Tina’s cute wink at the camera man!

Continue reading for a collection of photos from that special evening.


12 Replies to “Before Skyfall, there was the GoldenEye…”

  1. Thanks guys for sharing a memorable time for Tina during her success of Golden Eye. As usual, she looks stunning. I understand why Tina has always had respect for her European fans, they never let her down and she never let them down. That was some good work Tina, I miss your performances. Mark, U.S.A


    1. Yes, unfortunately – her later successes were mostly in Europe, where GoldenEye, Whatever You Want, Cose Della Vita and When The Heartache Is Over were all reasonable hits, while they did nothing in the US. However, she’s a legend around the world!


  2. I loved the theme song Tina did for the movie GOLDENEYE ,but she should’ve gotten a part in that movie!?! Because she would’ve been GREAT in it. Tina Turner is a wonderful actress and singer #TeamTinaTurner


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