Tina Turner waltzing in Vienna

Tina Turner has been spotted in Vienna, Austria over the past week. On Wednesday evening, she attended a private birthday party the restaurant Zimmermann. Last night, November 15, she was seen at a traditional Austrian  Törgellen party at the Palais Harrach: a tradition from Tirol centered around several delicacies and the first wine of the season. The photo below shows her together with Austrian entrepreneur René Benko, the party’s host.

Photo 1; copyright Kristian Bissuti, source: krone.at, photo 2; copyright Andreas Tischler, source: heute.at.

A full series of photos (taken by Andreas Tischler), including Tina arriving at the party with Erwin Bach, can be found at Diskothek.at!

Update: Tina’s visit to Vienna didn’t go unnoticed by the Austrian press. Continue reading for a selection of newspaper articles about Tina’s appearance. A big thank you to Markus for providing these scans!



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26 responses to “Tina Turner waltzing in Vienna

  1. Biggie

    No other site can match this one, well done boys!

  2. laurel

    Awesome! Thanks guys – she looks amazing 🙂

  3. luzi

    Pretty pretty nice! Thanks for sharing again! 🙂

  4. Marie

    Amazing guys! I knew I can always count on you when it comes to Tina Turner. 🙂 She look fabulous! As always. Thanks you!

  5. Faye

    I can only say ‘wow’!

  6. mark, U.S.A


  7. Lousina

    May I say that she looks amazingly good for her age? I almost wonder; has she done something to look so good? When my mother saw the pictures she said: ‘I want to get old like her!’ Well , I guess we all want that, or not? Hope she had a good time there :).

  8. She looks AMAZING in the video and in the picture you posted. The pictures on http://www.diskothek.at are not good at all. They do not show how amazing she still looks!

    This site is the best!!!

  9. Edmund

    Thank you very much fellas, i’m thoroughly impressed with your constant Tina updates, she’s lost weight, looks healthy, looks very young, i’m out of words

  10. Monica Bird

    Hi Tina Turner i just wanted to wish you a great Happy Birthday! When i first saw you perform on stage in Toronto,ON in 2008 i thought to myself wow what a woman i would like to see you again and perform at Rogers Arena in Vancouver 🙂 i,m a big fan of yours I Love You TINA!!

  11. lasse

    My god, she looks younger than Erwin Bach !

  12. Desde muito tempo , tenho você como motivo de inspiração e garra . Te amo , sou sua fã número um , espero que minhas palavras cheguem até você, beijos .

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