Tina Turner has been spotted in Vienna, Austria over the past week. On Wednesday evening, she attended a private birthday party the restaurant Zimmermann. Last night, November 15, she was seen at a traditional Austrian  Törgellen party at the Palais Harrach: a tradition from Tirol centered around several delicacies and the first wine of the season. The photo below shows her together with Austrian entrepreneur René Benko, the party’s host.

Photo 1; copyright Kristian Bissuti, source: krone.at, photo 2; copyright Andreas Tischler, source: heute.at.

A full series of photos (taken by Andreas Tischler), including Tina arriving at the party with Erwin Bach, can be found at Diskothek.at!

Update: Tina’s visit to Vienna didn’t go unnoticed by the Austrian press. Continue reading for a selection of newspaper articles about Tina’s appearance. A big thank you to Markus for providing these scans!

26 Replies to “Tina Turner waltzing in Vienna”

  1. May I say that she looks amazingly good for her age? I almost wonder; has she done something to look so good? When my mother saw the pictures she said: ‘I want to get old like her!’ Well , I guess we all want that, or not? Hope she had a good time there :).


  2. Thank you very much fellas, i’m thoroughly impressed with your constant Tina updates, she’s lost weight, looks healthy, looks very young, i’m out of words


  3. Hi Tina Turner i just wanted to wish you a great Happy Birthday! When i first saw you perform on stage in Toronto,ON in 2008 i thought to myself wow what a woman i would like to see you again and perform at Rogers Arena in Vancouver 🙂 i,m a big fan of yours I Love You TINA!!


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