Closing night of a world tour is a great opportunity to have some fun for Tina and the band. The atmosphere is a bit more loose, and emotional, and there is room for a few surprises. It shows in this audience recording of Tina introducing her band during the final date of her 2000 Twenty Four Seven world tour in Anaheim, California, exactly 12 years ago today. Tina and the band burst into an impromptu version of Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love – a song that she already covered on her 1975 album Acid Queen. She shows she is capable of a great Robert Plant imitation. The only downside – it is too short: she leaves the audience longing to hear the whole song!

Listen below to the full band introduction from the concert, with Whole Lotta Love starting at 1 m 58 s. Also check out this post that we did a year ago, with a behind the scenes look of closing night in 2000.

10 Replies to “Whole Lotta Love for Anaheim”

  1. This was a good tour, it got alot of attention. I always wished she would do a single on Whole lotta of lovin, I have it on an old Ike and Tine studio recording, love her version. We miss you Tina.


    1. The version of Whole Lotta Love on Acid Queen is very special, very soulful. But this rock version in Anaheim is even better, it’s a shame it’s only one verse. Her voice is clearly on the same level as Robert Plant’s.


  2. WOW – this just took me back to one of the greatest “Tina nights” ever. Front row, dead center, and when she broke into that short riff we were all definitely wanting more!! Thanks guys 🙂


  3. I was there both nights! 1st night with friends and the 2nd NIGHT with your Family, Alline, Ronnie, Michelle and I actually was part of your family for a few years… I lived with Alline for a while she was my Los Angeles Mom! She will always be in my Heart and so will you Tina….


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