Tina & Hanes: It’s all about Strength and Beauty

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In 1996, Tina Turner became the new spokeswoman for Hanes Hosiery. The campaign, with a budget estimated at $20 million, is centered around Tina, who had been signed to serve for two years as the spokeswoman for Hanes hosiery lines like Resilience, Smooth Illusions and Silk Reflections, in addition to conventional elements like television commercials and print advertisements. The campaign, created by the Arnell Group in New York, also featured tie-ins between Hanes and Virgin Records: Hanes sponsored the American leg of Tina’s concert tour in support of the Wildest Dreams album in 1997.

Inside the post, a video compilation of the commercials that Tina did for Hanes; including a small making-of and newspapers clippings.

14 Replies to “Tina & Hanes: It’s all about Strength and Beauty”

  1. I loved this time for her, she was on top of her game. My mom and I just loved to see here in these commericals. Thanks guys for keeping Tina active in our minds and hearts. You both do a great job of this.


  2. Hi Ben and Sjef. Thanks for reminding all of the fans all over the world about the wonderful, fabulous, and talented Queen of Rock and Roll. This was a great time for her and I thoroughly enjoyed the commercials. Great job!!! Love ya!


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