Tina Turner to become Swiss Citizen

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Tina Turner - Swiss Citizenship - Zurich 2013

Grüezi mitenand! After living for 20 years in Zurich, Tina Turner is about to give up her US citizenship and will officially become a Swiss citizen! The star is living on the shore of Lake Zurich since 1995 with her german boyfriend Erwin Bach.

The news has been spreading all over the internet since it was announced this morning in the Zurichsee-Zeitung daily.

“I’m very happy in Switzerland and I feel at home here. … I cannot imagine a better place to live,” Turner told German language daily Blick.

Read more about it here.

Tina Turner….Suissesse! Il faut dire que la star vit en Suisse depuis près de 20 ans. La commune située sur la côte dorée du lac de Zurich a attribué à Tina Turner les droits de citoyenne, annoncent vendredi ses autorités dans un avis publié dans la «Zürichsee-Zeitung».

Elle a pris cette décision sous réserve de la confirmation des autorités cantonales et fédérales.

Tina Turner se sent «liée à la Suisse», indique son agence de communication. Elle apprécie le respect de la vie privée que ce pays lui garantit. Le souhait de devenir Suissesse en est la conséquence. La chanteuse s’est retirée de la vie publique après sa tournée de 2008/2009.

Mère de deux fils adultes, Tina Turner – née Anna Mae Bullock – s’est installée en Suisse en 1995 avec son compagnon, l’impresario allemand Erwin Bach. Le couple s’est d’abord établi en ville de Zurich avant de déménager à Küsnacht.

Reine après avoir été battue

La carrière de la star noire américaine a débuté dans les années 1960 aux côtés de son mari de l’époque, Ike Turner. Si le duo à succès était mondialement connu, le couple a connu une vie privée difficile. Ike Turner a battu son épouse à de multiples reprises. Tina Turner l’a quitté en 1976.

Après des débuts difficiles en solo, la reine du rock a vu sa carrière exploser. Ses succès «Simply the Best» ou «Private Dancer» sont devenus des classiques.

Fardée de nombreuses récompenses, Tina Turner a également joué dans plusieurs films. Sa propre vie a même fait l’objet d’un long métrage.

27 Replies to “Tina Turner to become Swiss Citizen”

  1. It´s my dream to visit Zurich and to see Tina´s house on my own. Is here anyone who was there? Do you think guys Tina´s house in Zurich is a part of the private area like her villa in Nice? Thanks for this article, good to know Tina is an European citizen now.


    1. Hi Jozef, a lot of fans went in front of the gates of Chateau Algonquin ( Tina’s mansion in Zurich ). Of course, respecting Tina’s privacy is mandatory so nobody dared to ring the bell or anything. The house is located on a regular street, it’s not a private area like in Villefranche.


  2. I will certainly miss you Tina Turner, but there are planes and I would certainly travel for you. I am so happy that you have secured a place to call home. As an American, I belive that it is great to consider your options.


  3. Well, if she wants to give up her American passport, why shouldn’t she do that? More important is, I think, that she has found a place that she can call her home. And that she (probably) has a good husband to get old with.


  4. Je suis heureux qu’elle est la nationalité Suisse. Elle appartient à l’Europe et à nous. On est fou d’elle, on l’aime, on l’adore. Tina a contribué à ma réussite dans la vie. Femme de caractères. Elle cassée les barrières de la vie. Merci pour l’info mes sucres d’orges Ben & Sjef.


  5. Well, my mom use to say, “this is a huge world”, you do not have to stay in one place. Tina has always said in interviews that she always felt right at home in Europe. She has never really been appreciated here and given the so deserved respect like those of less her talent and beauty. I am American and I will miss her performances and music. I feel as if I have been on the ride with her. I use to think, wow, the media the viewers in america, act as if she doesnt even exist. I use to think, this is so unfair. She is so talented, no one like her or sound like her or performs like she does. Good luck Tina, I hope you have finally found you a real place you can call home. Mark, U.S.A.


  6. Let’s be real for a moment. I know we’re all Tina fans but the only reason to relinquish her American citizenship is for tax purposes.


      1. Your information is not correct. Taxes are high possibly for income made in Switzerland, however monies that come from foreign lands are not taxed at the same rate. In Zurich, where Tina is a resident, the highest income tax rate is about 13% and with the types of lawyers and accounts Tina has I’m sure it will be less for her.


  7. I heard that you actually have to be a citizen before you can purchase-own a home, not rent. Whatever the reason she prefers fabulous Zurich over Los Angeles!
    Now can we get a new electronic dance single….please?


  8. I thought she had given it up a long time lol but go ‘head Tina! She’s been living outside the U.S. since 1985 and Switzerland since at least 1994 or 1995. I guess this was heavy on her mind for a while… doesn’t mean she won’t not visit the United States if she want but since she hardly comes to this country, it does seem silly to keep citizenship lol she’ll still be the girl from Nutbush though. 🙂


  9. Tina, I just realized that you have a blog. I hope that you will continue to be SOOOOO happy there in Zurich. I’ve always loved so many of your songs. Nutbush City Limits has a special meaning to me; because, I was reared in, and grew up in a small town in America as well. Be so happy, Tina. Love ya’. Edna


  10. What! Ms. Turner, I have never been to Zurich but as far as I know it is very different than Nutbush, TN. But if you say that “it feels like home” then it must be similar! Your style and personal story have always inspired me. However, I can’t be a fan of someone who all of a sudden decides to stop being an American. People all over the world long to become Americans! Enjoy your Suisse citizenship while I enjoy my American one! I was born and raised in Puerto Rico and am proud to be an American!!!


    1. Well let’s assume that Nutbush wasn’t really a home for Tina. I don’t think that apart from the songs, Nutbush doesn’t bring back so much fund memories for Tina.
      And i guess you can’t call it an “all of a sudden” decision as you mentioned. Europe is where Tina solo career began in 1983/1984 some 30 years ago. Not much (if hardly any) attention was given to Tina Turner in the USA between her divorce from Ike and her come back ( come back in the US that only happened because Tina was successful again in Europe because of her cover of Let’s Stay Together ).
      And you can be proud of being American but understand that some people might feel better in a different country which they are also proud of.
      Thanks for commenting, hope it reassured you…you can keep on being a Tina Turner fan 😉


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