On March 27 2013, celebrate the 20th anniversary of the powerful true-life story of rock ‘n’ roll’s legendary performer, Tina Turner – now on Blu-ray for the first time! 

Buy What’s Love Got To With It on BluRay here.

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featuring a new digital restoration with enhanced picture and sound. Both Angela Bassett and Laurence Fishburne earned Academy Award nominations (Best Actress and Best Actor, 1993) for their incredible performances in this astonishing story. As one of popular music’s most influential duos, Ike and Tina Turner thrill millions of fans, but their turbulent offstage relationship ultimately forces Tina to make a bold choice and find the courage to believe in herself. Featuring a phenomenal soundtrack, including the hit song “What’s Love Got To Do With It,” this is the amazing and uplifting story of one of the world’s most exciting, high-energy performers!
So even if it’s not a Tina concert, it is still a great news. Now let’s hope that finally Tina’s concerts will be issued in Blu-Ray!

Watch this video of Tina talking with Kurt Loder about the movie.

You can pre-order it here!

18 Replies to “Tina Turner arrives on Blu-Ray”

    1. The Arnhem concert is available to download in 720p HDRip everywhere on the net so i am more looking forward for release of Amsterdam 96 and oldest concerts 😉
      Thanks for your comment Anja!


  1. Oh lovely, I wish there was more Tina´s Blu-ray discs in the shops. Tina deserves Blu-ray, but she doesn´t need it. Because her performance is in high quality even without high definition of screen.


      1. Who knows, maybe one day Tina´s live performances Blu-rays will be the part of reality. Maybe even 3D with the chance to touch Tina 😉 (i am kidding). You know what guys? I really think, that EMI is not the best record company. (I am not blaming anyone just telling my point of view.) In my country we´ve got one really really big singer with big voice and she had a contract with EMI for over 20 years, but after that she resigned from EMI and she left, the new record company is doing much more for her than EMI. More materials, more documentaries, more promotions. And EMI did just albums, just DVD´s, nothing more, nothing extra promotions. Just many many BEST COMPILATIONS. Like we can see Tina´s 2008/2009 tour dvd without extras. But there was an interview with Tina sitting on the chair (wearing her Nutbush City Limits dress) and talking about 50th anniversary of her being in business. And that´s I think EMI´s fault that things like EXTRAS, BLU-RAYs are not the part of Tina´s records.


  2. EMI sucks! she should have left years ago. Warner or Sony would have done a much better job. Look what Sony is doing with Joe Cocker now: Special editions, dvd included with album, vinyl release.
    When he was with Capitol/EMI, nothing…..


    1. When the singer I spoke about her above, left EMI, exactly after that she released the best selling albums in her 25 years career. WHY? The previous albums released with EMI were such a great, but promotions were very low. Only now, many people start realizing her EMI albums, they had no idea before.
      I love Tina´s DVDs, I love her 24/7 editions of CD singles, vinyls, everything, but I just can´t understand why the latest TOUR DVD 2008/2009 is without interviews, without something to celebrate her 50th year in a business. Anyway, what a show it was. Brilliant.
      The last thing I want to say is how I love Tina´s attitude about COMPLICATED DISASTER, how she said the demo was going to be a singel. And it was. So at the end of the day, Tina is a boss 😉


  3. Also, MAD MAX BEYOND THUNDERDOME is seeing a blu ray release on June 4th. It’s about time, considering the first two films have been available in HD for some time. I hope they include special features on the making of MMBT.


  4. I still hope one day to find exactly what happened in 2008,with the tour,very strange album compilation,a lots of promotional photos of tina which got leaked one after another but never officially used,something to me did not and still does not add up


  5. Can’t wait for the Private Dancer concert in 1985 to be released on Blu-ray. It was recorded on 35mm. One ofthe best concerts ever still not proper being released with 1080p and DTS track. Shame on you EMI!!!!


  6. Why is ther not a blu-ray version of Private Dancer? I have the Laser disc but would really like a blu ray of the same w/Bryan Adams and David Bowie


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