Wedding bells for Tina Turner! (Updated July 19, 2013)

Tina Turner & Erwin Bach to get married

Tina Turner and Erwin Bach arrive for the premiere of Giacomo Puccini’s “Tosca” in Bregenz – 2008

Tina Turner (73) is set to marry long-time partner Erwin Bach (57) this year, according to a report in Swiss tabloid newspaper Blick today. The ceremony will take place directly at the lake of Zürich (in their garden?). Food is provided by Chefs Rico Zandonella and Horst Petermann of Tina’s favorite restaurant ‘Rico’s Kunststuben’. And the dress-code: white.

Tina Turner and Erwin Bach have been a couple for almost 27 years; they met in Germany while Tina was working there in 1986. Erwin Bach was at that time a record executive of Tina’s label EMI. In previous interviews, Tina has always said that she would never marry again, even though Erwin apparently proposed to her. Now, at the age of 73, it seems she regrets that previous decision, and is ready to tie the knot. If the reports are indeed true; we wish them lots of love and happiness in the years to come. And oh darling, we think it’s gonna work out fine!

A rep for the 73-year-old merely offered “no comment”  but after a few days of spreading on the web, it seems like the information is true!

Update: More news about Tina Turner & Erwin Bach’s wedding emerged, read more here!




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56 responses to “Wedding bells for Tina Turner! (Updated July 19, 2013)

  1. Drew Mullins

    Another great bit of news this year regarding Tina. If it’s true it wouldn’t surprise me in the least. If not, oh well. The older she gets the more colors we see. Re-invention : I couldn’t care less. Happiness for the woman we have loved for so long : That means the world to me.

  2. Drew Mullins

    By the way, if this is true it is going to be massive news. A lot of her legend has been built upon the horrible marriage she had with Ike. Everyone wants her to be happy, and whether the non-fans know she has been with Erwin for 27 years or not, the general public will go crazy with this announcement. They will think, At Last!!!

    • Well if she wanted it to be massive news, i think Tina would have mentioned it in the Vogue interview. Now the information comes out 1 week after the magazine release… I guess she knew it would be the only thing the people would remember from the interview and that the Ike & Tina Turner history would be evoke again. For the moment the news is only spreading on German websites. But it’s been only a couple of hours, let’s see how it develops!
      Thanks for commenting Drew!

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  4. lasse

    Swiss citizenship, marriage, it is clear she’s preparing that everything will be ready in the event that…. she goes Beyond.
    Every sensible person at that age would do the same in order to keep her fortune with her loved once instead of the US revenue department 🙂
    This is more likely a tax move

    • What’s love got to do with it huh? There’s probably a lot of good reasons why Tina Turner & Erwin Bach are getting married but after 27 years together it’s probably time to legalize their relationship! It doesn’t surprise me nor shock me, i think it’s about time. And i can’t wait to see how Tina & Erwin will look like 😉
      Thanks for your comment Lasse!

    • Vince

      Lasse, personally I think Tina is living her life and the joy of being truly in love with a man, who seems to love her back. She seems to be about love and living, not preparation for death, and stashing money for before the after life –dag!
      She probably could care less about the US Revenue Department!! Age is simply a number, and people who are preoccupied with aging, age quicker, because they are not comfortable with a natural process. Tina, is enlightened and lives a life of love and tranquility. She is in peace and reflects on Buddha, not death.

  5. OMG I wonder if Craig will give her away, if its true.

  6. Kate .Knight

    Well if this is true I am happy for her ,she is happy so all the best to the lady who is Simply the best ,congratulations to them both x

  7. We are so happy for you !

  8. Pol

    Je partage cette joie. Elle s’est battue dans sa vie pour casser “Break every rule” pour arriver à ce stade, je pense qu’elle le mérite. On sait qu’elle a un moral d’acier et elle se laisse pas abattre si facilement. Je ne pense pas qu’il y est une question d’impôt ou de nationalité, ce sont deux choses différentes. Et puis avant tout, c’est Tina qu’on aime pas son portefeuille.


  10. Ismall

    Congratulations are in order ! After 27 years – This is a wonderful decision. After Ike she certainly deserves nothing but H-A-P-P-I-N-E-S-S! Tina you are Simply the Best !

  11. Linda Wood

    Tina Turner deserves to be HAPPY! I love her music and she is definitely, SIMPLY THE BEST, EVER! YOU GO TINA! JUST BE HAPPY WHETHER THIS IS TRUE OR NOT! 27 years, married or not, u have found the man in ur life, just be happy girl! 🙂

  12. I am so glad that her twins will be born into a legally married relationship! 😉

  13. Diane

    If this is true, CONGRATS to the both of you. Only the BEST for the Lady that in simply the BEST!!! Always loved TINA!!!!!

  14. Faye

    Congratulations. I hope it’s true. Tina has given lots of happiness to all her fans over the years, so it’s wonderful she is marrying Erwin. I hope I get invited to the wedding!!! 😉

  15. MARK, U.S.A.


  16. amy

    love to hear wedding bells will be ringing for the “simply the best lady”….cheersssssssssssss….

  17. Arcelious, Phoenix, AZ U.S.A.

    Incredibly special announcement. I’ve this “Lady” for many years and I am so glad for the two of them. Happiness for Tina is well deserved. Congratulations. Congratulations and Love.

  18. so where is Tina wedding Party??This time have to be organised in London Tinas second home :)))

  19. Much love to you Tina. You’ve really gone full circle and I am so proud of you for all you have overcome and all you have achieved. And very happy for you too. I wish you both another lifetime of nothing but pure happiness. You’ve earned it. Rock on Tina & Erwin!!!

  20. Glennis Thomas

    Darling Tina, I wish u n Erwin have a happy, blessed, & loving marriage to the end of your days. You definitely deserve a blissfully happy marriage with the man you love and who loves you unconditionally. Dance the night away on your wedding night.

  21. Dear Tina, My cousin and I met you at your What’s love Tour in 1990 Indianapolis, IN. It was an awesome event for both of us. I was very pregnant and my cousin very shy. Just wanted you to know that you were the inspiration to both of us for getting out of our abusive marriages. Thank you!

    Love Lisa and Beth

  22. Ed

    Go for Happiness Tina!!!!!!!!
    You Rock!

  23. Linda Cilliers

    Congratulations, Tina. Your music has been the centre of my world since your tour to South Africa. My children grew up on Tina Turner songs and my students at school are made aware of who the only Queen of Rock is! I would love to see you and Erwin in South Africa for your honeymoon.

  24. d

    Can we come? I always bring nice presents…

  25. Rhys Becks.


  26. Amy Barlow

    Congratulations!!!!! super happy for you too.

  27. France's Goodwin

    So happy for you have been my favorite for years saw most of your concerts one was better than th other hope to see you again in concert you are the best Frances Goodwin good luck to you you deserve it

  28. congratulations tina and erwin, my children were brought up on your music, my youngest is 11, at nursery school aged 3 the children were asked to sing a song he belted out private dancer with the shimmy again actions ahem they know our taste in music have seen you twice in cologne on the world tour and manchester, you rock girl, all our good wishes for the future, enjoy your wedding day love you deserve it,coz your simply the best. andrea xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  29. So hoping this is true. You deserve it Tina! ALL THE BEST!

  30. ian bradley

    In geneva On the 19th of April for the weekend ,Would love an invite if it is then x

  31. marga

    En hora buena, los Felicito!!!, lo Mejor para la pareja, mejor dicho : que sigan tan felices como hasta ahora.Besos

  32. Linda North

    Congrats to my idol and inspiration. I loved you when I saw you in KC several years ago and for many years before that. Just can’t understand why you do not to be an American citizen anymore… that is my only disappointment.

    • AmiMann

      It is common for expats, when reaching around 20 years abroad, to review whether they will return to their home country. They may then decide to acquire their host country’s citizenship. Even the US Ambassador to Switzerland, where Ms Turner lives, said in a televised interview on July 4, 2012, that he considered it “practical” to give up US citizenship if the person does not plan to return to the US to live. I support Ms Turner on her decision and wish her all the best for the future as a married woman!

  33. Congrats to Simply The Best female rocker ever going seen you twice here in the Uk Brilliant News very happy for you Do another tour we all love you

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  35. sharon sophus

    Congratulation, the Future Mrs.Bach!
    Ms. Tina Turner, I am an African American female that has loved your voice and songs, nearly 50+ years! I truly am “Happy for You and your Partner”. Extending all the best to you both!
    Take care,
    Sharon Sophus
    USA “Soul Sister”

  36. Wishing You & Yours, “All The Best”….
    On Your Big Day,
    My You “Both” Shine Like a Diamonds that you are..
    Erwin, Thank You for Being You, for Tina…amen!
    May God Bless You and Yours Always,
    My Many Blessing to Both of You.
    Love & Light,
    Wow, Wish I was there!!!

  37. Cergio

    TIna Turner Bach… It sounds so musical! But she will keep her name, of course, or just Tina. Tina and Erwin have been a stable couple for years now, I think it makes sense to them, if it happens. My best wishes!

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  39. Have you given up waiting “‘Til The Right Man Comes Along,” Tina? Erwin is a Good Man, but he’s a Frigate to your Battleship, and you both know that.

    I know how hard it is to wait. But give the situation a little more time — important spiritual matters are involved — and your life will be very different by next year, I guarantee you.

    And if it is not, you can always marry Erwin then.

  40. catherinetodd3

    I finally got (re) married to the same man I had been living with for thirty years… ten married, twenty divorced. I did it for legal reasons: so he could visit me in the hospital if need be, make medical decisions for me if I was incapacitated, and for tax and inheritance reasons. No reason for him to have to wait or lose everything if I died and we weren’t married. I’m sure it was the same thinking for these two.

    Tina has had an incredible life and I am so glad she shared it all in her wonderful biography and subsequent interviews. Honesty counts! As does talent and hard work, and she is full of all of them. Plus she has introduced us to chanting which is really wonderful. Thank you Tina and all that you do!

  41. susana

    Espero que sigan juntos para siempre. Ella merece una vida afectiva feliz!!!!!!!!

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  43. Martha Cruz

    Wow there is no age for LOVE, very happy for her, she deserves to be very happy, Love You TINA… ❤

  44. Edna Walden

    Your awesomeness, Ms. Tina,
    I wanted to be on the Oprah Show for one reason, to see Tina Turner up close. I never made it to Oprah (those tickets were golden); however, I made it to Indianapolis to see you live…my favorite concert EVER!
    Thank you for the joy and happiness you’ve given for so long. You shall remain in our hearts always. “Simply the best,” is surpassed only by simply the greatest!

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  46. vanessa steptoe

    Well there is a old saying, ( If you got it, then flont it ) and you got it..You never lost it,you be Happy because God knows you deserve it…Live long,love hard, and stay Happy, life is to short, and this is not a dress rehearsal…

  47. Cherryl jones


  48. Lynette long

    I’m happy for her there’s still love out there even for a well respected lady like Mrs.Tina Turner.Congrets.

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