So we meet again, raggedy man!

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Tina Turner - Mad Max comes to Blu-Ray

We meet again, raggedy man, and in high-definition this time! Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, starring Tina Turner in her first and only major motion picture role, is coming to Blu-Ray the beginning of June. The movie is the final of the cult science fiction trilogy starring Mel Gibson as a rogue police agent in the post-apocalyptic world, while Tina takes on the role of Aunty Entity, ruler of Bartertown.

Earlier this year, What’s Love Got To Do With, the movie based on Tina’s life story, was already released on Blu-Ray; for reasons unknown thus far only in Australia. With Tina’s movie career now pretty much covered in high-definition, we are still waiting to experience the thrill of her concerts in crystal clear quality. Open those vaults, Mr. Davies!

Pre-order Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome now at Amazon USA, Germany, or even the whole trilogy at Amazon UK.

18 Replies to “So we meet again, raggedy man!”

  1. I agree: Roger, please do a deluxe 21st Century remastered/repackaged 30th anniversary edition of PRIVATE DANCER including all of the B-sides from the singles w/ great liner notes on the history of the album, plus a bonus DVD of the full HBO concert of THE PRIVATE DANCER TOUR that was filmed in 1985.

    P.S. And after that, start work on the deluxe remasters of BREAK EVERY RULE, TINA LIVE, FOREIGN AFFAIR, etc., etc.

    I still say I want Tina to play a role in the forthcoming STAR WARS trilogy, and appear as Miss Moneypenny’s Grandmother (w/ Roger Moore as her Grandfather (Tina’s Hubby), perhaps?) in the next Bond film, and resume he work on the Merchant-Ivory picture, THE GODDESS. I’d love her to be able to really get some great memorable roles in Hollywood in the present and the future.


  2. At the top of my list for re-mastering and re-issuing: “Nice ‘n’ Rough” from 1982. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it was this show in this period, the “Nice ‘n’ Rough” Tour that got some professionals seriously talking up Tina. As well they should have!

    What makes this show unique in my experience is that of the three increasing energy levels of theater – Entertainment, Transformation, and Induction – this is the only show during which Tina performed at the higher energy level of Transformation AND for which we have this kind of documentation. (We have part of an earlier performance of “Nice ‘n’ Rough” from Prague in 1981, but that performance is at the energy level of Entertainment. There is also floating around, I’ve heard, a later performance of “Nice ‘n’ Rough” from Devil’s Lake Ranch in Alberta, but I have not seen it.)

    It is also very interesting to me that the entire show was cut down to around half its length in order to limit the running time to less than 55 minutes (limitations of VHS tapes?). It is theoretically arguable that the show was not performed at the Transformational level, but rather that energy level was a result of David Mallet’s superb editing. But I very much doubt it. David’s great skill, I would propose, was to be able to edit out as much of the show as he did while still maintaining its Transformational energy.

    That being said, I would encourage EMI to ask Mr. Mallet if he would consent to prepare the entire show for reissue, along with the originally issued shorter version. This is a very special show. The evidence we have for “The Bitch is Back” show that preceded “Nice ‘n’ Rough,” demonstrates the energy level of Entertainment, as does the subsequent show “Private Dancer.”

    To repeat, this recording is, so far as I know, the only evidence we have of Tina at the Transformational Level of Theater. (For the record, I have once also witnessed Tina performing, for about seven minutes, at the Level of Induction. That would be her performance of the song “Private Dancer” during the “Break Every Rule” tour, the performance of August 15, 1987 iirc in Lake Placid, NY)

    Here’s my favorite comment from around the time of this performance in 1982: “I feel like I’ve just received a massive injection of positive life force!”


  3. I second the motion of everyone, remaster all of Tina’s material, no one performs like her. Thanks guys again for all you do.


  4. I forgot to mention: Please release remastered CD versions of 1978’s ROUGH and 1979’s LOVE EXPLOSION…They’re also part of the canon.

    I wonder if there will be any showings of it in the theaters in NY State and City…I’d love to see a digital screen version in a packed movie house…can you imagine what the opening of “One of the Living” will sound like?! (that particular version (esp. that vocal performance…WHY THE HELL DIDN’T THAT ONE END UP ON THE FREAKIN’ SOUNDTRACK!!! THE DEFINITION OF ’80S HARD ROCK/NEW WAVE) of the song is why she deserved a Grammy for that one and should’ve garnered a double-Oscar nod in 1986 along w/ the classic “HERO”). Find that version, Roger, and release it on The PRIVATE DANCER Deluxe reprint.


  5. Oops! That last statement was also supposed to intimate that the full-length version of “We Don’t Need Another Hero (Thunderdome)” be included as the last two tracks on the CD…a great bookend to that period…my first, and favorite, period w/ the Rock Goddess.


    1. Oops, again! Almost forgot: You simply must include (if possible) her two classic tracks from the SUMMER LOVERS soundtrack in 1982, “Johnny & Mary” and “Crazy in the Night”, along w/ the original 1982 version of “Ball of Confusion”. It’s a shame those songs didn’t make it onto PRIVATE DANCER in 1984…am I the only one who feels that w/ the B-sides and extra tracks, PRIVATE DANCER would’ve/should’ve made one helluva double LP in ’84? I always play the extra songs when I listen to that album…they’re all GREAT!


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