The Tina Turner Experience tribute show

The GelreDome, a football stadium in the Dutch city of Arnhem, has become a famous place for Tina Turner fans. In 2009, Tina performed three concerts and also recorded the official DVD ‘Tina Live’ of the tour there. Now, her music is coming back to the GelreDome. December 21, 2013, a special Tina Turner tribute concert will take place under the name of  ‘The Tina Turner Experience’. Unfortunately, fans can not experience the real Tina Turner. However, her music will be performed by Emi Wokoma, who also took on Tina’s role in the music ‘Soul Sister’. Joining Emi are several guest stars, to be announced later.

The show will be a full concert, based on Tina’s heydays in the 1980’s. Tickets are on sale at this website and range from 59 to 89 euro. This is surely the biggest Tina Turner tribute show that ever took place, and we are curious to see whether they can come near the success of Tina’s 2009  performances at the same venue. For more information on the show, visit the official website.

13 Replies to “TINA Tribute at the GelreDome”

    1. Yes i (Ben) was also surprised by the choice of the GelreDome but as we all know Tina Turner is so big in The Netherlands that even a tribute act can fill a stadium! And Emi Wokoma got great reviews with the Soul Sister musical there!


      1. I still doubt it… Even Tina Turner herself couldnt sell out the second date at the Gelredome….


    1. 😉 But don’t forget some artist like can’t even fill one Gelredome! I am sure it’s gonna b a success, very curious to know who the special guests will be!


    1. We all were a bit sceptical when the musical Soul Sister came to life and it turned out to be a success mostly due to Emi Wokoma performance so i think we shouldn’t jump to conclusion too fast and on the contrary be delighted to see Tina Turner honored like this. But thanks for sharing your thoughts with us Peter!


      1. I am dleighted…but I want it to be a success so it makes headlines. It wont make the proper headlines if it is poorly attended. So I am hoping it all comes together properly. If I lived in this area I would buy a ticket.


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