Only in Rome! TINA attends Armani party

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a Turner - Armani One Night Only in Rome - June 5, 2013 - 04

Tina Turner made a rare public appearance today at Giorgio Armani’s special ‘One Night Only’ at the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana. She looked stunning at 73 years old. Tina, who became Vogue’s oldest cover model ever earlier this year, is a big admirer and friend of Giorgio Armani, and regularly visits his presentations. In May 2012, she flew to Beijing, China to attend a previous edition of the ‘One Night Only’ event. She also regularly wore Armani’s couture on stage. The event in Rome coincided with the re-opening of Armani’s boutique, and a special exhibition ‘Eccentrico’ which runs this weekend. Continue reading for video’s and more photos.

Photos of Tina’s night out dining in Rome on June 4 can be found here.

Tina Turner and her husband to be Erwin Bach sitting in the front row.

Interview with Tina Turner inside Armani’s show!

Here is what the Telegraph wrote about Tina:

“Tina Turner outdid them all, clapping with gusto even when the rest of the room was still.
Afterwards she explained: “It doesn’t matter if nobody else applauds, I clap what I like. And I liked lots! Lots of the shoes, lots of the dresses. You know there are lots of his dresses I’ve bought and never worn because it’s like having a piece of art, and you keep hold of them. And I clapped the guys too: sometimes I buy mens clothes too and I loved the shoes and the jackets.”

31 Replies to “Only in Rome! TINA attends Armani party”

  1. Love your blog… I would never know about any of this if you didn’t write it and keep up with Tina’s activities! Gracias, amigo…


  2. Looking happy and fabulous … as always 🙂 Thanks for the post guys! Rely on you guys for all the latest Tina news, and u guys never disappoint 🙂


  3. Amazing, Amazing job guys! You’re the best in updating TT’s activities. I really appreciate you two and the work you do on this blog. Thanks a lot! It’s always GREAT to see Tina. She’s FABULOUS here. >3


    1. Thanks Marie, we are happy to know we make other Tina Turner fans happy! Cross fingers we’ll get more from Tina at Armani! 🙂
      And yes, she still looks gorgeous!


  4. I’m so proud! she looks gorgeous and elegant!
    Thanks guys for keeping fans informed.
    Carlos from Portugal.


  5. Tina turner, what a legend and inspiration I’ve loved her songs her work and endless energy, a true inspiration to women all over the world


  6. Còmo hace?!!! 73 años años y creo que está más flaca y los brazos los tiene como alguien de 40 años. Tenemos Tina para muchos años más! Buenisimo el blog, saludos desde Argentina


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