Tina Turner Blog Interview: Deric Dyer

Deric & Tina London Wembley resized

When we were told that we could interview a former Tina Turner band member, we were thrilled. Deric Dyer was a saxophone player on Tina’s Break Every Rule World Tour and also toured with Joe Cocker. Continue reading to watch our interview with him and to learn more about this great man and musician.

From DericDyer.com: Originally born in Ireland in 1955 and raised on the stunning island of Bermuda as a child, was handed a saxophone [he had been playing clarinet] by Sister Joseph Anthony while playing in a band at Mount St. Agnes Academy. Since then, the music world opened its arms to him. By age 16, he was already playing seven nights a week in night clubs. Both his parents were musicians (his father even played for Shirley Bassey) so it must have been in the genes. He picked up technique and musical study in bits and pieces here and there – his playing was truly natural. Give Deric a stage, and he takes care of business. By 19, Deric had his own band and was already performing regularly around the island on tenor sax, keyboards, congas and vocals!


Now, Deric’s newest CD, Renaissance Man is finally complete and has just been released. On this CD, Deric re-­released his favorite tunes from his previous CDs and added four new tracks. This CD really shows his love for all different styles of music and his ability to make them his own. Tracks include titles like “Gimme Some Lovin’,” “Whatever Lola Wants,” ” Stand By Me,” “Nature Boy,” “Use Me Up” and “You & I.”

From Tina Turner to Joe Cocker, Deric has played on the world’s biggest stages, watch him here in action with Tina during the legendary Maracana concert of January 1988.

Buy his new album Renaissance Man here and  don’t forget to join Deric’s Facebook page!



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19 responses to “Tina Turner Blog Interview: Deric Dyer

  1. Chris

    Hey, this was a great interview! Loved the ponytail anecdote! Wish I could have been there to see Tina’s face! 🙂 Keep up the good job with the blog!

  2. John Loomis!

    Whoah, great interview! Deric looks like a very fine man! What a treat it must be to work for Tina Turner! Great stuff! Thanks guys and thanks Deric!

  3. Always nice reading or hearing interviews with musicians… very nicely done.
    We all know one has to work hard for the money when working with Tina , but very nice to really hear it from someone that had the opportunity to work with the (now retired) hardest working woman in showbiz!

  4. Marcin

    such a great interview! Thanks Deric and Ben! Such a schame i couldnt be on that tour!

  5. Tinafanforever

    Tina should have kept Deric along with Timmy Capello! Two great sax players! Thanks for sharing! And much love to Tina!

  6. Saul

    Love this! Great stuff! Thanks guys!

  7. laurel

    I thoroughly enjoyed this interview – thanks so much to both of you!! 🙂

  8. Luzi

    Very nice interview… thanks guys… 🙂

  9. He gave NO insight into Tina as a boss or a person, but it was cool that you got this interview 🙂

  10. You liked the interview with Deric Dyer?
    If you go to the Deric Dyer Fanpage, and scroll down the Timeline to the years 1987/88, you’ll maybe find some more Tina stuff you missed until now!
    And there’ll be more added now and then!



  12. Private Nutubsh


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