Tina Turner – Ebony magazine 1996

Tina Turner ‘Living My Wildest Dreams’ by Lynn Norment! Read this very interesting article with many nice pictures from Ebony magazine back in 1996. Once again to see the page in higher quality, click ‘Full Size”‘ link during the slideshow!



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15 responses to “Tina Turner – Ebony magazine 1996

  1. marga

    Me gustó, es una etapa muy linda, Gracias por todo lo que entregan de Tina

  2. Marie

    My Favorite! Wildest dreams era is THE Best. For me. Tina looks AMAZING here. Thanks for the post.

  3. Niqolas

    A finales de los ochentas me parecía que estaba hermosa, pero a partir de los noventas se puso más linda todavía. Cada década la va mejorando a esta mujer

  4. milkyaqua

    That cover pic of her is one of my favorites.

  5. catherinetodd3

    Where is the “permalink” during the slide show?

  6. catherinetodd3

    Great Article… thanks for posting! I found something else that seems similar. Not sure if it has any “new news,” but take a look.


  7. Susan

    The Best! Thanks Ben & Sjef!

  8. Acid Queen

    I really like the sharing of such magazine! And especially when she looks that fantastic! Simply the Best!

  9. Justin

    Tina Turner: The Best!

  10. Jacques

    J’adore Tina Turner et le Tina Turner Blog! 🙂

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