Image by © Lynn Goldsmith/CORBIS
Image by © Lynn Goldsmith/CORBIS

In the Summer of 1993, Tina Turner packed New York’s Radio City Music Hall for 5 sold-out nights from July the 12 to the 17th.  We celebrate this occasion today with a video bootleg of a very wild Tina performing the legendary Proud Mary as well as an interview that she gave to Australian Tv show’s “Hey Hey It’s Saturday” live from New York;  She talks about the release of the movie What’s Love Got To Do With It and  her current What’s Love Live tour. The  quality for both video is average but well worth watching for the fans!

18 Replies to “July 12, 1993: TINA in New York”

  1. I was there! Of course the best concert i’ve ever attended! Can’t belive it’s been 20 years… Thanks Ben & Sjef for reminding 😉
    And much love to Tina Turner, i am sure she’s reading this blog 😉


  2. I just love the way she talks. The accent and all. 🙂 She keeps touching her hair. And her laugh hadn’t change. 🙂


  3. I almost pulled Tina off the stage! Really! She shook my hand during the final part of the Better Be Good To Me encore and I was in shock and I was in the crowd and I was looking down…when I looked up she was hunched over the edge of the stage with a “stern smirk” …when I let go she gave me the thumbs up! I guess I didn’t want to let go….wish it was captured on video.


  4. Hi Ben
    I saw Tina 3 in 1 tour, (1996). The video you upload is unavailable. Was looking forward to watching the 2 clips. Hope they can be pre-loaded??


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