What’s love got to do with it? The soundtrack to Tina’s life

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Tina Turner - What´s Love Got To Do With It - Album

As we know from today´s point of view, Tina Turner was in the middle of her career when the biographical movie “What´s Love Got To Do With It” – named after her signature song and USA #1 hit – was released in 1993. The movie was based upon the book from 1986 “I, Tina” which she co-wrote with the music journalist Kurt Loder and which featured many interviews with contemporary witnesses like band/family members, music colleagues, and Tina Turner herself. Maybe it was even not clear to herself that there would be new albums and tours until the year 2009 which makes the release of a bio pic only reasonable if you consider her age in 1993 when she was 53. But there were still at least 15 years to come – full of appearances and releases. Because of the heavy ammunition she fired at the world – an album incl. re-recordings and completely new material, the release of several songs from that album incl. the usual marketing appearances, the movie itself and then even a US tour plus some festival appearances in Europe and Australia – the year 1993 will always be a year to remember.

Commercial success

The album was released June 15, 1993 by Parlophone in Europe and Virgin in North America. It turned out to be a huge commercial success – despite the fact that it contained mainly material already dating back 20 years and more. Or maybe not “despite” but “because of”? It went to number 1 in countries like The Netherlands and the UK (June 19, 1993 – June 25, 1993) and was a Top 10 hit in many other countries around the globe and proved ow enduring her old material was.

Top 10 Top 20
  • The Netherlands #1
  • UK #1
  • Switzerland #5
  • Austria #6
  • New Zealand #6
  • Norway #6
  • Germany #8
  • USA R&B #8
  • Canada #14
  • France #21
  • US Billboard #17
  • Sweden #22
  • Australia #30

Single releases from the album

Throughout the year 1993, the record companies Parlophone and Virgin released four CD-/LP-singles with “I Don´t Wanna Fight” being released as a teaser for the album which was released over a month later and “Proud Mary” being released in the USA alone.

  1. “I Don’t Wanna Fight”, (April 23, 1993)
  2. “Disco Inferno” (July 12, 1993)
  3. “Why Must We Wait Until Tonight” (September 16, 1993)
  4. “Proud Mary” (November 19, 1993)

While “I Don´t Wanna Fight” and “Why Must We Wait Until Tonight” were brand-new recordings, Tina Turner even released the disco classic “Disco Inferno” and her all-time signature song “Proud Mary” as CD-/LP-singles. With covering “Disco Inferno” she continued her strategy to select hits which were recorded by other artists and include them in her own catalog. But even for 1993, it was a bit daring to throw this hit from the late 1970s on the market. Nevertheless, incl. the two electro-style mixes with samples of samba-music it turned out to be danceable once again.

Tina Turner - 1993


It was already mentioned in the introduction that “What´s Love Go To Do With It” was by far no all-new album but supported the bio pic of the same name. Tina Turner and her team had two choices: either they could have released a Best-Of album which would have been a boring “Simply The Best 2” or they could produce the major hits again which were featured in the movie with new instrumentation and – of course – new vocals. As the original material might not have met with the requirements of modern Hollywood productions as far as the sound quality was concerned it turned out be a much better strategy to record 8 hits from the Ike & Tina years again, add the late 70s number “Disco Inferno” from her first solo years and include the mega-hit “What´s Love Got To Do With It” from the Private Dancer-album and a slightly changed new version of “I Might Have Been Queen”. The 3 brand-new songs can then be seen as bonus material for the album with “I Don´t Wanna Fight” being a very suitable song for message of the movie.

New releases Re-recordings Private Dancer-recordings
“I Don’t Wanna Fight” (Lulu, Billy Lawrie, Steve   DuBerry), 6:06″Why Must We Wait Until Tonight” (Bryan Adams, Robert   John Lange), 5:53″Stay Awhile” (Terry Britten, Graham Lyle), 4:50 “Rock Me Baby” (Riley King, Joe Josea), 3:57″Disco Inferno” (Leroy Green, Ron Kersey), 4:03″Nutbush City Limits” (Tina Turner), 3:19″(Darlin’) You Know I Love You” (King, Jules Taub), 4:27″Proud Mary” (John Fogerty), 5:25″A Fool in Love” (Ike Turner), 2:54″It’s Gonna Work Out Fine” (Sylvia McKinney, Rose   McCoy), 2:49″Shake a Tail Feather” (Verlie Rice, Otis Hayes, Andre   Williams), 2:32″Tina’s Wish” (Tina Turner, Ike Turner), 3:08 “I Might Have Been Queen” (Jeanette Obstoj, Rupert   Hine, Jamie West-Oram), incl. an extra line, 4:20″What’s Love Got to Do With It” (Britten, Lyle), 3:49


There are two different releases of the “What´s Love Got To Do With It”-album: While Parlophone in Europe released a 14-track album, Virgin did not include the songs “Tina´s Wish” and “Shake A Tail Feather”. Quite astonishing as “Tina´s Wish” really demonstrates what Tina Turner can do with her voice and how outstanding such an approach – nearly bloodcurdling screams from a young woman – must have been 25 years ago.

Apart from the different track lists, there aren’t many differences in the various releases. But – one has to add that specific detail – the album was released on CD, LP and even audio cassette. While the front cover shows Tina Turner, the back cover is reserved for four stills from the movie plus the basic movie info and a very condensed track listing.

The booklets contain beautiful photos with Tina Turner either in the studio or on the beach walking and standing in the breakwater. Two top photographers were responsible for these shots: Herb Ritts and Peter Lindbergh. They collaborated with her on other occasions as well so that it is no wonder that photos from these sessions are very popular among fans. In the consecutive year, a calendar was released including only photos from 1993 and these sessions.

The 1993-TT-logo turned out to be a long-term logo for Tina Turner and her fans as the circle with the two perforated and offset Ts looks very nice for a necklace.

To sum up, Tina Turner proved in 1993 that using modern sound equipment can turn old gems again into hits and that many of her recordings are indeed timeless and survivors themselves.

28 Replies to “What’s love got to do with it? The soundtrack to Tina’s life”

  1. There’s no extra verse in the 1993 remix of ‘I Might Have Been Queen”. It’s simply remixed slightly to give it an updated sound. Also, ‘Stay Awhile’ is indeed on the U.S. version of the CD. The missing songs were Tina’s Wish and Shake a Tail Feather.


  2. Tina always have been a timeless performer, I knew this from a very young age. There is no other like her. Thanks for this interesting article.


  3. Absolute Tina: song, album, movie, everything feels right about this period. How can you not enjoy it? Specially I don’t wanna fight – great song, great message!


  4. In Portugal the album went to number #3.
    I love the album and Tina style. My favourite new song was “Stay Awhile”.
    The Song “I Don’t Wanna Fight” it was a big sucess in portuguese radios and number one in tops of many.
    Thanks for this article.


  5. Not really keen on the What’s Love got to do with it song but i do love the What’s Love Got To Do With It soundtrack! A great album for a great movie. And of course for an even greater woman, Tina Turner!
    Thanks for the article guys!


  6. She was on fire in that era and that tour. She was bursting with energy. The “What’s Love…?” live show filmed in San Bernadino was on fire!


  7. I was SO excited when this album/soundtrack came out in June 1993. I bought it the day it was released, played it, loved it, then saw the movie latter that Summer. In July, I got to see my first Tina concert on the Saturday night show at famous Radio City Music Hall with a female friend who was a fan of her as well. We took pictures at the concert (not supposed to, but, it was a 1st-time experience), Tina looked great, sounded great, loved the set design for the show, loved the band. Also LOVED the magazine spreads she did that Summer — the woman made 53 look like 33! — just as much fun as when Private Dancer’s magazine covers came out. I will always have a special place in my heart for that particular period in Ms. Turner’s excellent, outstanding career. Hopefully, it’s still not COMPLETELY over…


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