August 23, 1996: Tina live in Warsaw

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The day after Tina Turner’s concert in Prague on August 22 1996 and before taking over the Flanders Expo in Ghent (Belgium) for 6 crazy nights, Tina Turner and her Wildest Dreams tour stopped in Warsaw, Poland for a memorable concert. The first songs of the concert were broadcast on TV and today it is your chance to watch them again. Plus, we’ve uploaded for you the “unplugged section” of the concert in audio. Enjoy!

Let’s Stay Together – Live Warsaw 1996

I Can’t Stand The Rain – Live Warsaw 1996

Undercover Agent For The Blues – Live Warsaw 1996

Steamy Windows – Live Warsaw 1996

25 Replies to “August 23, 1996: Tina live in Warsaw”

  1. It’s always fun to watch the old videos of Tina. Thank you guys for always refreshing us with these fun and great memories of Tina’s time. Thanks for uploading the audio too. You guys are Simply THE BEST!!!!


  2. Thank u for upload this video…it was reminds me my frist time to see Tina and travel to see Tina over 350km overnight train…Get really wet just before concert cos was small thunder and rain. And i was in first row i think but am sure it was some footage of building stage in tv together with that four songs…Anyway great memory which never forget 🙂
    Thank You


    1. Hey Pawel,

      Thanks for your sharing this story with us! I guess we where all willing to do some crazy stuff to see Tina and getting the best view possible!
      Very surprised you didn’t have that video (or did you?) would be cool that the whole show emerges someday! There’s not enough “unofficial” or tv broadcast Tina Turner concert in comparison to some other artists…
      Thanks again for commenting and see you in Amsterdam!


      1. Hey Ben,

        U welcome
        Wel at that time we all mainly use video recorders and i might have that video and many others bit since i left my hometown bout 9years ago i didnt seen them. And probaly all of it are on Video castte. I wil be this year there and pack all in box and post here where i live. Cos always travel only with hand luggage. And probalby i need buy dvdrecorder from vcr buy one but second hand n put all on harddrive or even discs. Anyway it was great memory for .This was my first time i ever seen her and remember mainly beging concerts and ends cos so emotional experience.


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