Tina Turner on Oprah’s Next Chapter – New Trailer

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Tina Turner on Oprah's Next Chapter

Before tomorrow’s big interview, a few new extracts from Tina’s interview on Oprah’s Next Chapter  emerged yesterday. We made a compilation  of those clips in which Tina talks about her favorite wedding moments, why she retired and how would she describe her legacy! Watch it below! Duration: 3min30

21 Replies to “Tina Turner on Oprah’s Next Chapter – New Trailer”

  1. I think she got that last statement wrong. I think people will always come to see Tina Turner, even when she’s 80, but of course in a proper way. If she would do a ‘simply sit down and sing for you’ session, maybe with some jazz songs added, I’m sure, this will be sold out concerts. Maybe at 75 Tina? 😉


      1. Yeah, and if she would do this only in Amsterdam, it will be Ok with me..
        (ik noem een Carré)
        And some other major cities like Paris of course …;-)


  2. Thank you so much guys for the posting – I love it and I’m totally with you…..I don’t care what ever Tina will do on stage…. I will be very happy just to see her again 🙂


  3. Je suis respectueux et reconnaissant à Tina pour sa carrière et même si je rêve encore de la revoir un jour su scène je sais que Tina a encore des choses à accomplir spirituellement , merci de partager votre bonheur Miss Tina


  4. I would love Tina to just sit on a stage and sing all her classic’s. It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t do what she used to do, I’m sure everybody would just love to see her again. If she decides to do a tour again, I hope she comes to the UK 🙂


  5. A MILLION THANKS!!! To both of you for putting this all together. I’d be happy just to see Tina be active on the public again. And I wouldn’t care what she decided to do on stage, I WILL watch and see her no matter what. 🙂


  6. Hi,

    My opinion:

    -Can’t understand all Oprah questions about Ike…just crasy! its been 30 years ago and the men is dead!
    – Was a emotional interview for Tina and for us that knows now that she wants to stay at home, just that.
    – I totally agree with no tours anymore, but a new album and a special show as she did on “24/7” “Celebration” would be fantastic!
    – She sold the French maison to not need to work anymore
    – I felt like this was a final interview, she did just because of Oprah
    – She is very happy so that is the most important for her and for us


    1. Hi Pedro,

      Like you, i (Ben) was also surprised that Oprah went on the Ike Turner topic again… Like you wrote, it’s been more than 30 years, i think there was some more important subject to talk about. I don’t know if this was Tina last interview but seeing her that happy and relax was a real treat. Now, this doesn’t mean i (Ben) don’t want her to come back to the studio… After 14 years, i think it’s time for a Tina Turner new album!


  7. People, she has giving us her whole life, there is no need for her to be in a wheel chair singing and trying to prove anything else for the audience (like she would EVER need that!). It’s done, and she did it beautifuly, now she deserves to finally enjoy her life. I’d rather know she is resting, healthy and well, than forcing her health on another tour. Well done, Tina! Love you!


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