“I will make Tina happy” says Erwin

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Normally, we are not too fond of all kinds of gossip magazines, but today , since the wedding between Erwin Bach and Tina Turner happened a couple months ago, we’ll make an exception: if only for the rare photos. In this 1988 article that appeared in a British tabloid magazine, Tina speaks candidly about her then still young relationship with Erwin. She also talks about her relationship with, and attitude towards men, both on stage and off. Continue reading for the full article.

13 Replies to ““I will make Tina happy” says Erwin”

  1. I’m sure He’s still keeping that promise. Cause Tina is sure HAPPY nowadays. They’re actually both happy. 🙂 AND I’m happy that you guys post it. Never seen this article before. Thanks a bunch!


      1. Yes! Would be nice if you could post more of those type. It ‘ll be very much appreciated. Kind of a blast from the past. 🙂 those type of gossip mags are fun to read. Besides, it’ll let me rediscover Tina Turner. I’ve learned a LOT about her through your blog. I saw her biopic movie last year. Anyway, Thanks in advance!


  2. Great article and photos; where can we read all of it? It was so interesting and not “gossipy” at all, but I could only read one page. More, please?


    1. Hi Catherine,
      You can read the article by clicking “View Full Size”. This is HQ scans, you can zoom it to death 😉
      Here are the direct link to the large version:

      Thanks for visiting Catherine!


      1. Thank you for the links! I tried clicking on the pictures, and it didn’t work earlier but the links are great. Gracias! Great interview, even reading it today.


  3. Love reading this article! It’s very rare when I come across things like this about tina!! PLEASE post more articles SOON!!!!!!! I want more!!


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