If you have you ever dreamed of watching Tina Turner performing “Steamy Windows“, “You can’t stop me loving You”, smoking a  ‘silly broken cigar’, having a hand reading by a woman, being assaulted by a horde of fans and flowers well… There you got it!!

From the vault and back in 1989 for the promotion of her Foreign Affair World Tour  on Swiss Tv show “Grell pastell” with Kurt Aeschbacher , Tina Turner appears very relaxed, talking about shooting Mad Max ‘Beyond Thunderdome’, the presenter is good, everything is in english (translated by the presenter, no voice over).

Oh and we let you judge of the handreader performance. Lots of screenshots inside the post! Enjoy!

Duration: 19 min.

17 Replies to “Tina Turner & the Handreader”

  1. This was awesome, just had to write and let you know how much I really enjoy the posts, plus Tina’s words on courage made so much sense to me, I really believe I was meant to hear them today.
    Thanks so much,


  2. Wow! Never seen this before. Looks like shes having a great time. All those fans trying to hug or kiss her, (Lucky fans) it doesn’t seem to bother her at all. 🙂 Thanks for posting. And Good to know we’ll enjoy Tina for a couple more decades. 🙂


  3. I wonder if it is (or was) a more common practice to have artists lip sync for tv appearances in European countries. I haven’t come across one yet from the States where she isn’t singing live, but have seen a lot of European performances where she is (like the above).


    1. Hey Ray,

      I don’t know what the rules were back then on European Tv but it is true that most of the 80’s/90’s tv appearances were lip sync. A shame for an artist like Tina …


      1. Apparently singers had to play back in promotional tours. I’d understood that back in those days, but not sure though…In theory record companies would want them to play the exact songs as in the long plays, and it makes sense since it’s the final product you were going to buy. In Tina’s words, she used to be annoyed by this, but she had to…at least in Europe.; so comercial purposes…


  4. ahhh, The Foreign Affair era… It was the best time to be a Tina fan in Europe. She was everywhere all the time… TV, radio, adds, billboards, record store displays,…. you couldn’t turn your head or there was something about TINA around you 🙂


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