Tina Turner – Private Dancer Tour Book

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Tina Turner - Private Dancer Tour Book - 17

A new tour, a new program. Tour book always existed in some sort of way but back in the 80’s and the development of merchandising, artists and management put efforts in creating more sophisticated programs that are now cherished items among fans. We already did a few articles about Tina Turner’s Tour book, including a 1st version of the “Private Dancer Tour book as well as some other gems from the past! Check them out here and of course we’ll keep on posting more of those in the future.

Concerning this one, the quality might not be optimal on every scans but the resolution is correct! To make it up we uploaded rare audio bootlegs from Private Dancer Tour inside the post. Enjoy!


Tina Turner “Private Dancer Tour” Bootlegs Playlist 

12 Replies to “Tina Turner – Private Dancer Tour Book”

  1. A readable mini-version of this tour book needs to be included with the 30th Anniversary Edition Box Set of PRIVATE DANCER.


  2. Wow! Never saw that before! And i love the playlist from the Private Dancer Tour! Tina Turner was really rockin’ her stuff back then!


  3. Thanks for another great article guys! I actually still have a black t-shirt from the 1984 tour (my first TT show in Aberdeen, Scotland!) & this tour book – or programme as we call them. Red checked shirt is a fave pic, also love the credits – “Wardrobe: Kathy Lightman – is that assistant manager Chip Lightman’s wife?!? – keep up the great work.


  4. I love the tour book but i adoooooore the bootlegs! Love that Tina Turner era! You guys must have a crazy collection! Thanks a lot for sharing!


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