Save the school in lil’ ol’ Nutbush

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Tina Turner Flagg Grove School restoration

We have written about the restoration of Tina Turner’s school back in lil’ ol’ Nutbush before. But now it is time to take action. 75,000 dollar is needed to bring Flagg Grove School back to its original state. At the moment, over 40,000 dollar has already been donated. A campaign has been set up where us fans can become part of the project by making a donation. And what’s even better: when you make a donation your name will be included on a birthday card that will be delivered to Tina by her assistant Rhonda Graam.

Fans wishing to honor Tina Turner on her birthday can do so by donating to this historic site and have your name included in a Birthday Card that will be delivered to Tina Turner by her personal assistant Rhonda Graam.

• Donate up to $19 to be included on the card.
• Donate $20 and up to include a personal note to Tina.
• Donate $50 and up to include a personal note and your name will also be listed on a plaque inside the school.

Tina Turner has supported this project since its inception. Why? Tina’s Great-Uncle Benjamin Flagg sold the land below value in the 1800’s so that African-American children who were not able to attend white only schools could have a place to learn. Tina Turner herself benefited and also attended this school as a young girl with her sister Alline Bullock.

In addition to Tina Turner providing support and donating memorabilia from her personal life and decades long career to be displayed in the school, a private donor has promised $75,000 toward this project if matching funds are raised by January 1st, 2014.

Support this important cause and have Tina Turner know your name in the process. To make a donation: join the Facebook event or go directly to the website of the West Tennessee Delta Heritage Center.

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  1. Is Donovan on here? Very chuffed to meet him in Sheffield…. My ex GF was even gushing to meet him!!! I wanted to add him in FB but don’t know his surname. I’m a tad upset, I know she is calming down and doesn’t want to spend much money as is…. But love, just build a knew one, surely you can afford that?? X


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