A hoax: a new Tina Turner new song?

Lots of rumors flying around today about Tina possibly singing back-up on the song ‘Carry On’ by JJ McCabe, with semi-confirmations and a ball of confusion. But at the end of the day, the most likely scenario is that it is a hoax.

The story started when music blog ‘Rock NYC’ wrote this about the song:

“She is huge, about as big as you can get and I would like to give you another clue as to who it is but I can’t tell you in public. Plus, she is working on a new album and that would be a big story if it was l known. I am the worst at keeping secrets and I wish I could give a hint but she is so well known it might give it away.”

Rumors were further fed by questionable confirmations in private e-mails from ‘people in the know’. However, give a second listen to the song: however much we want it, it’s not Tina…!



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10 responses to “A hoax: a new Tina Turner new song?

  1. Lousin

    No idea, but a new album would be great…but honestly I think she can better enjoy her retirement. And I honestly dislike the song.

  2. stefam

    I don’t think this is Tina, singing the backing vocals.. And I also don’t like this song. I truly hope Tina will surprise us with a new album, some good stuff.. something different then the Beyond project..

  3. Corey

    I’m sorry, but I don’t think the word “retirement” is a word that goes well with the word “enjoy”. Somehow, to me it suggests submission to something that you really do not want to do. At any rate, Tina singing again should be a dream come true to any real Tina fan. How can it not be?

    • Lousin

      I guess you are pointing at my comment… I’m sorry that you interpret in a wrong way… I just meant that, if you ask me, she maybe better spend her time relaxed and with her husband. Just enjoying her days, after everything she has been through, and after being in the spotlights on the top so long, I think she may do that. If she makes a new song, maybe a new album, that would be great. It would be great if it will be quite a relaxed album, somewhat acoustic or so. I don’t expect her to hit high notes like she has done. And of course it will be great if she will be on stage one more time, I would love to see her live because I never did, but I think she just deserves to do enjoy her spare time.

  4. yes new album i hope ,,,,,,,
    30 years since the release private dancer

  5. Chris

    Tina’s been involved with the Beyond project, which has already produced two albums with her singing and chanting. Both of the albums are hauntingly beautiful, though now what a Tina fan would naturally expect to hear. If it is her, my guess is that the writer is referring to the third Beyond album, which is in progress and will hopefully be released next year.

  6. dj

    Sounds more like Gladys Knight.
    and I don’t think it’s a very special song..

  7. MARK, U.S.A.

    When I heard the song, I knew right away it wasn’t Tina, it sounded more like Cher. The song doesn’t even have the texture that Tina would lend her voice to. I pray for a new single or album.

  8. I have just listened and there is NO WAY this is TT!! It’s too smooth. Rough diamonds dipped in honey this is NOT

  9. Ricardo

    What an awful song!!!!!!

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