“Pretty Much Everything”

Tina Turner live in Dublin O2 - (c) Ingrid K.

Tina Turner live in Dublin O2 – (c) Ingrid K.

What a nice surprise yesterday when we received an email alert from the Huffington Post where Megan Mayer published a funny article about our blog’s Twitter account. Since then we gained a lot of new followers including US magazine Variety and the New York Observer . Big up to Jamie who is in charge of feeding the beast lately!
Now don’t forget to also join 6,700 other folks on YouTube and subscribe to our channel. And of course if you are on Facebook, join our fan page where (nearly) 40,000 other followers are waiting for you. Finally, if you want to make sure to get the latest news about Tina Turner as it arrives, simply enter your e-mail address at the bottom of this page and voila.

That was pretty much everything… for the moment.
Ben and Sjef.



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8 responses to ““Pretty Much Everything”

  1. laurel

    The accolades have been well earned! You guys do a terrific job 🙂

  2. Marie

    AMAZING JOB Guys! Soo Proud! Keep up the great work!

  3. Thankyou is their any dvd of tina on ophra winfrey show about her live and wedding day? love the photos on this site

  4. Hi, my name is KanD I am a singer and songwriter Many of my fans compare me to Tina Turner I love Tina Turner She is Simply the Best! I could only hope to live up to her legacy. I follow your blog because it’s the most informative site and information on Tina Keep up the good work!

  5. Desearia saber el nombre de la Bailarina a su lado del pelo corto…!

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