6 reasons to celebrate Tina Turner in 2014

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Picture ©MatrixPhotos.com
Picture ©MatrixPhotos.com

Since this blog is called Tina Turner Blog well maybe we have to talk to you a bit about Tina Turner’s new release.That’s right, a new release!  Well according to Parlophone…  Because of course, there’s nothing new about this new “Love Song” compilation, even not the cover.  No new songs or previously unreleased tracks, just classics put together to sell a couple of cd’s on Valentine’s Day. And don’t expect 74-year old Turner to make any promotional appearances in support of the album, as she is “happily retired” from the music business according to her spokesperson.

So, until something more relevant comes from Mr Roger Davies & Parlophone, we thought we might refresh their memories with 6 reasons (there’s probably a thousand more) why Tina should be celebrated in 2014. Tina Turner Turns 75 Tina 75 TINA 75: Tina’s fans will be celebrating with another edition of the Tina Turner birthday fan party. Details about the ‘Tina 75’ party will be announced on January 26. Stay tuned! Until then you can join this Facebook group for more infos.  ‘Private Dancer’ turns 30. Private Dancer - Daily Mail - 1 2014 mark the 30th anniversary of Tina Turner’s solo comeback with ‘Private Dancer’. Being considered as one of the most important album of the 80’s, one can only expect that some kind of Special Edition or blu ray disc from the Birmingham show will see the light of day. It is her best-selling album both in the US and Canada and a number #1 on Billboard and internationally, becoming a number #1 on many charts including in Austria and France and was responsible for making her globally famous. 25 years of being “Simply The Best” Tina Turner - Simply The Best Call you… Need You…My Heart is on Fire… You just have to hear the first few beats to know which song it is. In 2014, Tina’s classic ‘Simply The Best’ will turn 25. Back in 1989 the song went to N°5 in the UK and stayed in the Top for 12 weeks. Since then it’s been used everywhere and for everything and in 2010 the song returned the UK charts reaching n°9 thanks to fans and initiated by the Glasgow Rangers who uses the song as their anthem.  15 years away from studio  Tina Turner - Twenty Four Seven Tour 2000 - Photos by Dave - 31 Tina Turner last studio album was released on November 2nd 1999. Back then Tina was sixty and gave the world the average “Twenty Four Seven”. The album contains classics and awesome tracks but the whole album didn’t have the audacity or the power of the previous ones. Tina’s impressive vocals saves it all but i guess it would be strange to see such a long and rich recording career ending with this album… 24/7 hit the shelves in Europe in November, and has sold more than 2 million copies on the continent. It reached #9 in the UK. It also reached #21 on the Billboard 200 selling 60,000 copies in its first week. It was certified platinum in the UK, Germany, France & Europe chart. 10 years since “All the Best” and big TV promo tour.

That year, she went everywhere! She went to the highest rated Tv shows and talk shows in Paris, Berlin, Oslo, Los Angeles, Roma, Chicago, New York, Zurich… And the result, The album peaked at #6 in the UK, selling nearly 45,000 copies in its first week and at #2 on the Billboard 200 albums chart, selling 121,000 copies in its first week, making All the Best Tina Turner’s highest debut in the United States. The album went platinium in the U.S. 3 months after its release. In March 2007, the album re-entered the UK Charts and peaked at #18. It has since been certified platinum in Germany, France, and the Europe Charts.   5 years since Tina totally vanished from the spotlight (again) Tina Turner live 2009 She said it ‘The war is over’. And so the warrior is resting. While every Tina fans wishes her to have the best golden retirement she deserves,  management and record company should really start considering Tina Turner’s music legacy. Tina Turner is still standing, the visits and feedback we receive every day on the blog and on FB proves that there’s still a huge demand for Tina!

20 Replies to “6 reasons to celebrate Tina Turner in 2014”

  1. Love Tina!! Please, please keep us posted on party details; would love to attend and just be in the shadows, and at my age, that’s saying a lot!


  2. these seem like 5 sad reasons that Tina’s management has made her into a “thing of the past.” Roger Davies may have been good in his day, but Tina needs to get a NEW NEW management team and, even if she chooses to stay at home retired, needs to have much more control of her own image…. How many new “best of” albums do we need Roger?


  3. I agree with Jeremy. It´s was many new “best of”. She deserves more than this… The cover of this love songs album is beautiful is beautiful but is old, from 1993 album “what´s love”…
    I think there must be some material never edited of her. It would be interesting to hear.
    I loved a compilation of videoclips never released on DVD with extras from her concerts and interviews.
    Let’s wait and see something new…
    Thank´s Ben and Sjef.


  4. My comment may not have much in common with the topic but…when I saw again the cover of Private Dancer album I wondered once again about what she is holding in her right hand…I have never understood what that small objec might be…do you know?


    1. I have asked myself this many times.
      I think it’s a little chocolate. In the Simply the Best album I think she is also eating chocolates sitting on a chair.
      But I’m not sure.


  5. Tina simplemente es unica …….tu singular forma de cantar te hace ser la mejor ….. te amo Tina ….. en mi repertorio siempre estan tus canciones……feliz 75


  6. Just one more single…just one more electricfying song that would top the charts worldwide and show the new generation why she is the queen.
    Think about it….there is no female singer out there doin it like Tina!


  7. Would’ve love a NEW album/ single but this is good. She IS retired and deserved it a lot. Its Tinas call on what she wants for her career/ life. Not Roger. Management for sure would love to market their talent but if she is retired, there’s nothing they can do about it. I for one would love to see her on stage again. record some new material but I understand Tina and her wish to stay retired and enjoying her life.


  8. I’ll.take.anything. New.album would.have.held a lot of meaning. After Tina got married.and did.the.interview.with.Oprah I felt.in my heart.that, that would be the last time.I saw her. I saw Tina.5 times in concert in different cities always my breath was taken because everyone stands when she hits the stage and remains that way.to the end. I LOVE.TINA TURNER and can never get enough!!!


  9. Tina ya se que necesitas descansar con todo lo que as hecho . pero yo que soy un poco egoísta nos podrias hacer también un disco con nuevos temas y poder sentirte como te hemos sentido hasta hora tu eres y se ras la mejor un beso. ya se que pido demasiado


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