Yesterday, we learned from Oprah’s Twitter that Tina Turner (74) had recently recovered from “a bad flu” that she contracted a few weeks ago in Zurich. The living legend is doing great so that is a first and happy news! Moreover we all look forward to hear more from Tina with the upcoming release of ‘Beyond, Love Within’.

Now there’s some other releases coming! Nothing to go crazy about (yet) but it still has to be noticed!

Tina Turner concerts arrives on SD BluRay disc (NOT FullHD): One Last Time 2000 & Celebrate 1999 on 1 disc. Pre-order on Amazon.

Bob Gruen’s LP/DVD version of Ike & Tina Turner ‘On The Road’ is almost out of order… Order it on Amazon before its too late!

A re edition of an Ike & Tina Turner ‘Best Of’ Lp with a very interesting tracklist. Order it on Amazon!

And finally the ‘Love Songs’ album is out now around the world. Order it via Amazon.com.

14 Replies to “Some Tina News”

  1. Glad to hear our TINA is doing well! Was very upset and praying hard when we heard TINA had a stroke! Simply the Best bless you TINA and Oprah for setting the record straight! We love you TINA! The a Best is Yet to Come! Blessings to you! ❤️❤️❤️


    1. Yep… But it’s on vinyl now! Hmmm… oh wait it was on vinyl in 1968!!

      Oh well! I am very very glad to hear Tina is alright! 🙂 May she rest to her hearts content. I am also down with the flu, so I guess we are sisters in that… well I’m a man so…. Anyways Tina I wish you a fabulous recovery! Full on LOVE and RESPECT from TOKYO!!


  2. tina turner you are simply the best i hope you get better soon we all love you to bits hope you return to australia for world concert take care love karen going to buy your new cd love songs


  3. For her, this flu, is like a vitamin, when she got better, she will rise as a fennix to show the planet where she came from. She must drink watter and thats all. No flu can match the queen! Two more meditation and will be fine!
    We love you! And she is pure love too. Where love is, heath is too!

    Long live to the queen of music!

    I think she will come with new project soon 74 mens 54 for her

    Love Tina. She must feel the sound of a good guittar player and delivery power vocals at home like a crazy girl and bring that to energy to her soul for fun, to got better even faster! Rest is not good for her heath! She need the excitng moments and and lots of fun!


  4. I can not believe that Tina is now 74. wow. Glad to hear that Tina is getting over her Flu bout.
    Tina is my Husband best female vocal singer. It was only through him that I became a big fan of Tina’s and have been since 1988 when I first met my husband.
    Keep Well Tina
    Best Wishes
    Angie and Clive


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