5 Times Tina covered The Beatles

tina turner the beatlesTina Turner’s cover of the Beatles Help turns 30 today! It was released in the UK charts on February 25, 1984, stayed for 6 weeks in the charts and peaked at N°40. For the occasion we’ll have a look back at Tina’s covering The Beatles through the years.

Beatles Medley with Cher & Kate Smith

Come Together

Get Back

She came in through the bathroom window




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12 responses to “5 Times Tina covered The Beatles

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  2. jose moreno

    fantastic Work !! congratulations and THANK YOU

  3. Niels

    Don’t forget Tina’s cover of ‘Let It Be’.
    Starting with “When I find myself in times of trouble, evil thoughts they come to me, takin’ away my wisdom…” great cover!

  4. Patrick

    Fantastic work! Like allways!! What more is there to tell about the picture?,


  5. Mark, U.S.A.

    I have always loved her covers of Help, get back, honk tonk just to name a few. No one even the originals do these songs like Tina. Help has a very spiritual mood to it, that’s why I like it so much and Tina gives you hope when she sings it.

  6. annick.metayer

    j’ai adorée tous ces concerts et j’aimerais qu’il les repassent

  7. Edmund

    Thanx guys, I love this! Don’t forget TWIST AND SHOUT as well as SOMETHING

    • milkyaqua

      Technically, the Beatles covered Twist and Shout. It was done by another group I can’t think of originally and then the Isley Brothers.

      Love that shot of Tina. I’d heard it described but never had seen it. Is there any footage of the shows she opened for/and sang with Lionel Richie around?

  8. Tinaroo

    Nice & great, guys!
    There is also “With a little help of my friends”; you can watch her singing it at the 1972 Hits A-Go-Go Concert.
    Wonderful picture!! What about it?

  9. te amo tinaaa sos mi reina del rock dios te bendiga

  10. Hank

    Hey thanks! She also did Hey Jude and Let It be.

  11. Jean

    Wooow!! Only Tina Turner can turn a song from the Beatles of the Stones into her own!

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