2014 marks the 15th Anniversary of Tina Turner last (!) studio album issued in November 1999.  While fans worldwide are looking for a new release, today, we take you behind the scenes of the production and recordings of  Twenty Four Seven. Enjoy!

13 Replies to “The Making Of 24/7”

  1. Thanks a lot, never saw that before. Great! Still wondering why we do not get all this stuff from behind the scences on a dvd or blu-ray as a bonus, her last “Tina live” dvd hat no bonus ….


  2. I really dont understand why Tina wont do a new studio album. Cher and her other contemporaries have released albums. She made Capital-Emi-Virgin-Pharlophone Millions and Millions of dollars so they should ask her for a album! Even with legendary status it would be cool to se her with a
    smash hit single to introduce her to the new generation….that way they can see the REAL QUEEN at work!


  3. Always sad to think this is her last full studio album. After an amazing career I always found 24/7 a weak record to end with. She needs to do one more ‘back to her roots’ album to make up for this one 🙂


  4. Come on Tina Turner Give us a Studio album include the lost songs heard it through the grapevine,he lives in you,I wanna take you higher,Do Something.among other.big fan.please Mrs.Turner give us a New Studio album,
    How a new movie as well.


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