Cher is on tour again (well done Roger)! Tina’s long friend has just launched her D2k Tour in Phoenix, AZ. While we, Tina fans, don’t expect anything like this coming from happily retired Tina Turner, we take advantage of the occasion to upload “The Country Side of Life” performed by the two legends on the Cher Show back in 1975. Have a great tour Cher!

5 Replies to “Dressed To Kill”

  1. Love this! Wish Roger would come up with something regarding Tina. (I know it’s Tina’s call too. To come out in public with something) Guess I’m just gonna have to wait for the Beyond album. πŸ™‚ Thanks guys!


  2. This is not from 1979… the Cher Show was already cancelled by then. This episode aired October 12th, 1975 and was recorded in September


  3. Tina Turner & Cher are my favorite singers! Saw both of them in concerts! Love Cher but Tina is Stage Master πŸ˜‰
    Thanks for sharing this gem!


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