A Message From Tina (March 2014)

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Tina Turner- Beyond Love Within - 2014

From the Beyond team:

“Oh, now the whole world knows that I, Tina, am singing again on the new Beyond album. Beyond is a much greater mission than what I did before as a rockstar. My name TINA will help to spread the message beyond.”
Tina Turner (2014)

“Beyond Love Within”, coming June 2014.

9 Replies to “A Message From Tina (March 2014)”

  1. Merci, Merci pour ce message, cela me permets de reprendre des multivitamines. Tina I love you Baby. Et merci à vous l’équipe du site.


  2. So Cool ! Hard to wait but thankful to be able to hear some more from you ! Love and Respect very much Girlfriend !


  3. I listened to this song, and my crown chakra (I believe) opened…ZOOOF! It felt like a cilinder of “air” on top of my “opened”head going up & down at the same time. Amazing experience. Anyone else?
    Thank you Tina. Your my hero & fello Sag in truth, peace & healing 🌎


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