Breaking: Tina’s New Song ‘Mother Within’ (Sample)

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tina turner beyond 2014 Mother
Listen to a sample of ‘Mother, Within’ a new song from Tina Turner & Beyond! From what we can hear, it is a cover in a indian/gospel way of a classic Gospel song that Tina already covered during the Ike & Tina days, “I’m a Motherless Child”

Update: Another song from ‘Beyond, Love Within’ simply entitled ‘Mother’  will be available for FREE download on Mother’s Day, May 11,2014! Stay tuned!


26 Replies to “Breaking: Tina’s New Song ‘Mother Within’ (Sample)”

    1. No, it wasn’t. It’s an old spiritual from back during slavery times in the U.S. It’s been covered by Paul Robeson, Mahalia Jackson, Louis Armstrong, Odetta, Pete Seeger, etc.


      1. But if you look at the lyrics for the original they are quite different from the version that I have always assumed Tina wrote. Maybe I’m wrong but I thought she used the old hymn as inspiration.


    1. It’s only a 20 sec clip… Hard to truly get the essence of the song. The original version by Tina is a classic track aming Tina fans however the quality is very raspy. As far as i (Ben) am concerned, i think it is a brilliant idea! It is new, it can attract old Tina as well as nex ones. It brings the song a new life and the oriental arragements sounds fantastic!
      Wait and see 🙂


  1. How many times is too many times to listen to a 17 second clip over and over again. I’m very excited.

    Thanks guys!!!


  2. I think it is a lot about roots: Tina’s origin in Tennessee, also about her mother, in some kind of way, also her grandparents (traditional song in the cotton fields), work songs of the fields, also about Spirituals and church music, about gospel and blues, Don’t forget Tina started singing these songs. Remember she sang this on the 60 Minutes interview with Mike Wallace? So this is not so new after all. Thanks for sharing, Sjef and Ben.


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