“Mother Within” Available Now

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Nathan Beck/ Panorama
Nathan Beck/ Panorama

A new song is available from the upcoming “Beyond, Love Within” album. It features Tina’s powerful voice singing the lyrics of “I am a Motherless Child’ mixed with the bewitching voice of Sawani Shende. Be prepared for some serious goosebumps.
Buy it now on Itunes

6 Replies to ““Mother Within” Available Now”

  1. It’s not available in the US iTunes Store sadly. Why do record companies think this makes sense still?


  2. Ms. Turner,
    I have loved your music since I was young .
    I would dance and karaoke to your songs as if I were you.
    Sure you’ve heard thousands if stories from women
    Who were victims of abuse such as yourself.
    Yep, you guessed it, I too am a survivor.
    I won’t bore you with the details, just suffice it to say
    You and my cousin were my inspiration and my strength that made me open my eyes and realize what did live really have to do with it.
    I love you as a kindrid spirit. I love you as a strong woman.
    Thank you for being such a beautiful person and bringing your soulful, inspirational, loving voice into our lives.
    I will admire you till the end of time.
    Yours With Utmost Sincerity
    Trish Edwards


  3. Magnifique ! Le mix culturel fonctionne toujours aussi bien !!! Et c’est bien aussi que ce message vienne de Suisse.
    J’ai simplement eu beaucoup de mal à reconnaître la voix de Dechen sur le premier mantra.


  4. From the 1:30 clip I have heard…AMAZING. Those low notes are stunning. Is there any way of listening to the full version if I don’t live in Germany? Unfortunately I have a Canadian ITunes account.


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