You Heard It… Through The Grapevine

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Tina Turner - You Heard It Through The Grapevine

Don’t believe half of what you see, son, and none of what you hear. As Tina Turner fans, we are always looking for the holy grail. Better said, there are several holy grails: Tina recordings that we’ve only heard about… but never heard! For years, there has been a rumor flying around about  a studio version of ‘I Heard It Through The Grapevine’. The song appeared on some print promotional material for Tina’s 1999 album ‘Twenty Four Seven’ but was never actually released. Nobody knew if it really existed… until today. Thanks to Christian, who unearthed the song and shared it with us.

It is dance, it is disco; it is late nineties Europop. It took us by surprise, we must say. We don’t know what to think about it yet, but at least we’ve… heard it! What do you think? Listen to the song below, honey, honey!

28 Replies to “You Heard It… Through The Grapevine”

  1. I do not know what to think either! But it does not seem a great recording (considering Tina’s standards) and the arrangements are not the best for this kind of song. I think that Tina did well when she decided not to include the song in the 24/7 album. But, now, it’s different and, for the Tina fans, this is a jewel!!! Thank sooo much for sharing the song with us and all the efforts you always do for the Tina community!


  2. After the initial thrill of hearing an unreleased track from the rock goddess I do feel that Disco Inferno was the right choice. This is way over produced, the backing vocals and sunthesisers are competing with Tina. Would be fab stripped down a little. The live version she did opening the 2000 concert (I think I’m right) was far better and far more Tina!


  3. Do we know who produced this? It sounds more like it was recorded for the What’s Love album than 24-7. Apart from Gladys Knight’s version, I’ve never been a fan of the song. This cover does nothing to change that.


  4. Why THE HELL wasn’t this “jewel” included on 24/7?!!! This is like a sequel to 1993’s “Disco Inferno”, and totally makes me think of 1979’s LOVE EXPLOSION, and sounds almost like a lost, unreleased track from those sessions. The fact that Tina was about 60 when she did this vocal is incredible in and of itself. I have read, over the years, that Tina had recorded about a double album’s-worth of material in 1986 for BREAK EVERY RULE, inc. songs w/ Steve Lillywhite, that have yet to see the light of day. When are we finally going to get a reissue series of her catalog, esp. 1978’s ROUGH through to 1996’s WILDEST DREAMS?! PRIVATE DANCER 30TH ANNIVERSARY better be in the can, and ready to be unleashed upon listeners, cause I’ll be very sad if that milestone goes by w/out a peep.


  5. She did a version of this song way back she was with Ike, It’s on one of the live albums, and frankly I think that that was much better. I’ve never really been a fan of nineties music production anyway, this is not the right sound for Tina, they were right not to include it on the album.


  6. It’s okay. This is one of those cases where it worked better live. I think the producer was Max Martin. I don’t tend to be a fan of anything “disco/dance” as far as Tina is concerned. It’s never been her strong suit. It’s why I didn’t care for When The Heartache Is Over either. I prefer both Marvin Gaye’s and Gladys Knight and The Pips’ version of this song.

    But it was nice to hear and thank you for tracking down such rarities and sharing.


  7. Makes me think of the old school gem “Love is in the Air,” which Cher did a 90’s club version for her Believe album but it got iced.

    i’m so curious about the above comment about all the lost Break Every Rule songs hidden out there. Can’t believe Capital Records hasn’t monetized that by now.

    THIS Grapevine track make me feel like I did a line of home-made cocaine. Oh Lord!


  8. How can I download or purchase this? I love Tina Turner sooo much! Not just as an artist, I used to always envision her as being the eternally glamorous an wise big sister that I never had and when I’ve had tough choices to make as a woman, I would think, “What would Tina Turner do?” and “I bet she would look amazing doing it too!”. Score one for womankind.
    Tina, you have been a blessing and a fantastic example for so many! 🙂


  9. Hello, The audio doesn’t work but  Thanks for trying. Always enjoy your posts…… Best Regards, Gary Hagen


  10. Love it! Her vocal is phenomenal on this one considering she’s in her 60’s . Anyway, Thanks to you two for sharing this. By the way, I like the new look of the blog. Although I prefer the old one. Black/dark background is what I prefer always for my screen. But this one has a fresh look on it. Just have to get use to this. Thanks again guys! Keep up the AMAZING work you put into this blog.


  11. I loved it, I think it’s better than the original, I actually never liked that song until now, listening to Tina sing it. I love her music, and I think she’s one of the strongest women I’ve seen. I did get to see her year’s ago, at Great Woods in MA. (It was probably another name at the time, but it was called Great Woods when it first opened, so I always stick with that name). Tina Rocks!!!


  12. YES !!!
    Do you know the “Missing You” mix, TOUGH LOVE?
    Please tell me how can i share it with you, and how can i have this jewel GRAPEVINE.


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