Tina 74 On Fire

Tina Turner & Bernard Fawley - Rollings Stones Concert 2014

A great photo of an amazing Tina backstage at the Rolling Stones ’14 On Fire’ concert in Zurich tonight, June 1, 2014. It was posted on backing vocalist Bernard Fowler‘s Instagram account. Will she be joining Mick, Keith and the boys on stage? Answer later…

Answer: Tina Turner didn’t perform with the Stones!

One more photo of Tina and her husband Erwin Bach arriving at the Stones concert posted by Blick newspaper.

A very cute video of Tina dancing to Let’s Spend The Night Together. Not on stage but still very nice to see so much vitality!



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7 responses to “Tina 74 On Fire

  1. Anton

    What a pity! But predictable in fact!

  2. Please post more pic of Rolling Stones concert at Zurich W/ Tina Turner!

  3. Marie

    Happiness!!! Tina Turner and the Stones. 🙂 Still amazes me that she still look Stunningly Fabulous! Thanks again guys for sharing.

  4. Irena

    Nice and easy …
    She is so beautiful.
    All The Best.

  5. Tina est la plus grande chanteuse de tous les temps.

  6. Respect Anna Mae (:Tina:) Sincerely: Annamaria Csepeli (Hungary, Budapest)

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