Unfinished Business: Talk To All The Woman

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Tina Turner - Twenty Four Seven - demo CD

A few days ago, we already posted a long-lost studio version of ‘I Heard It Through The Grapevine‘ that was recorded for Tina Turner’s album ‘Twenty Four Seven’. But this was not the only new thing that could be found on a recently discovered test pressing of Tina’s 1999 final studio CD. Hero of the week Christian noticed that two songs that we already know appeared in a slightly different arrangement from the final cuts that you will find on the finished product. Namely, ‘All The Woman’ and ‘Talk To My Heart’ sound, well, unfinished, in a stripped-down arrangement. Tina’s vocal tracks however are the same as you can hear on the album. Sometimes it might so happen that one can prefer the demo version over the final mastered track. So, have a listen and let the music talk to your heart. And thanks again to Christian for sharing this with the Tina Turner fan community.

Talk To My Heart

All The Woman

6 Replies to “Unfinished Business: Talk To All The Woman”

  1. I love both of these songs, especially Talk to my heart, this is so beautiful. So many good recordings of Tina’s have been left unheard on the air, sad shame.


  2. Wow – so great! These def. don’t sound as dated and don’t bury TT in the mix. All The Woman has a stripped down “Sexy Ida” feel.

    Thanks for finding and sharing!


  3. Thank you SO much for these demos and for the Grapewine ..
    Christian where do you get these songs from, and can I download them ? I would be glad. Sonny


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