Tina Turner - Swisscom IO - Zurich, Switzerland - 2014
Behind the scenes of the new Swisscom app IO commercial with Tina Turner!


8 Replies to “Tina & Swisscom: Making Of”

  1. Тina is relly THE BEST all over the world and all the time. I like her so much…and the whole world like her music. She is the kween of music.Thank you so much Tina


  2. I waited 20 years to see you live in Concert. This happened in London on 7th March 2009 and it was my birthday.
    Thank you for give me this pleasure.


  3. Amazing! I like the one in the end where she’s signing autograph for that little girl. And the comment of the lady about her standing and remembering being a kid again. 🙂 Wish there’s more. Oh well. Happy to see THE Queen. Thanks guys for sharing.


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