Tina Turner Blog Interview: Bob Gruen

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Back in November 2012, a new DVD entitled ‘Ike & Tina Turner On The Road: 1971-1972′ was released. The movie consists of footage shot by world-renowned rock photographer Bob Gruen and his wife Nadya while touring together with the Ike & Tina Turner revue in the early 1970’s. Bob and Nadya developed a close relationship with the duo, and the DVD features many candid on stage and off stage moments. The Tina Turner Blog had an exclusive interview with Bob Gruen about the dvd and his personal relationship with Ike and Tina. We never had much time to edit the video interview but today, it’s finally here! Enjoy!

5 Replies to “Tina Turner Blog Interview: Bob Gruen”

  1. Thanks Sjef and Ben, I always like to watch Bob talk about the Ike and Tina days. I have a picture of me and Bob together taken at the signing of his book Rock Scene a few years ago. I’m wearing my Ike and Tina T-Shirt! He loved it. I asked Bob when he might release the vid he had of Ike and Tina and it was then, he told me he was “working on it and something would be out soon.” For years I had read about him traveling with The Revue while taping them and FINALLY we got to see some. There is so much more!!!


    1. *Robbie Montgomery: “Ike Turner Was a Little Crazy* -this interview with Robbie one of the original Ikettes is interesting.


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