Tina Turner Munich 2014

Tina Turner & Erwin Bach attended the famous Munich’s Oktoberfest yesterday! Video & photo gallery inside the post!

7 Replies to “TINA At Munich’s OktoberFest”

  1. LOVE her holding the beer stein that’s bigger than her 80’s wig!

    That pic will be on my next party invite for sure.

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Tina Turner you look amazing. Tina I love your music. Tina Turner I would love to met you. Tina Turner you are one of the my all time favorite singers.


  3. My dear Tina Turner. I LOVE só mach. That’s i can’t forget when you was in Maracanã Stadion. Was só lovely and energetic becouse You got as a new Way in the Life… i leave Now in Switzerland. And allways Drummer zu that’s Day that’s i can ser You and say Hello Mas say Thanks só very mach for you for your’s helping. Big lober kiss…


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