Dear Fans!

We have now started collecting donations for the Friday and Saturday events of the Tina Turner fan party weekend. If you would like to attend one or both evenings, please find the information on the donation process on the FB event pages and our website.

For the Friday party:

For the Saturday party:
Thank you for your contributions and see you in Berlin!

Bitte, nicht vergessen euch für die Freitag Veranstaltung bei Marco Skulschus oder Sjef Huijbregts anzumelden. Das Buffet kostet 20 Euro pro Person. Ohne Anmeldung und Vorauszahlung steht ihr eventuell vor der Tür! Für die Samstagnacht Party wird um eine Spende für Deko u.a. gebeten…

4 Replies to “Tina 75, Coming Soon!”

  1. Wish I could attend “Tina 75, in Berlin. I last saw Tina in Austin, Tx., a few years back, and the concert was awesome. I’m working on a Trademark now, for myself, and will be in Switzerland next year. Will keep you posted. 😚


  2. “Happy Happy Birthday” Anne Mae,
    May God Bless You and Yours,
    Many Blessings for You to come..
    Although I have never met you personally,
    I only attend one concert in Philadelphia 2009,
    I want you to know how much you have touch my heart, my mind, and my Soul through the years..You have made my life a little more brighter, just be hear your story’s of You Anne, and through video’s conversation with Oprah & books I have read just your photo’s and Chants you have taught me too.
    You have touch me in so many ways, for that I want to again say,
    “I Love You” & Thank You for The Insight that I never knew..
    Thank You Anne for Being You…
    If there was one Thing you wanted to say on this 75th Birthday of Yours today what would that be??
    p.s. I’m still learning about the life’s journey.
    Love You Always,


  3. Hi Tina Turner😊 it’s such an honor and PRIVILEGE to send this message to you. Because of you I have gained STRENGTH within to keep moving forward to that positive place I so MUCH appreciate and NEED. Even to this day and watching What Love got to do with it I get renewed STRENGTH!!! THANK you Ms. Turner. I can’t afford to go to your party but just wanted to say I LOVE YOU for your role in my life from a distance. I PRAY this message reach you with all SINCERITY from my heart, my Spirit. Sending MUCH LOVE your way.


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