3 days to celebrate Tina Turner!


This year party organizers: Sjef Huijbregts (hair) & Marco Skulschus (no hair)

“TINA 75”, this year celebrations of  Tina Turner’s 75 birthday are only just a few days away. And our fan party is making Germans newspapers! After a telephone interview with well-known newspaper Die Welt, several websites published our story such as Focus.de and Berliner Zeitung.  We are all very exited about it and it is thrilling to see that what started as a little party between a handful of friends/fans became such an event! A warm thinking to Anja Offermann who was also in charged of organizing the party in the previous years, and also to all of you who contributed in making it a success!

Once again, Tina won’t attend the celebrations! This is a non-profit weekend organized by fans for fans. If you wish to join us, please follow the process for both evenings explained in details here: Friday Evening & Saturday Evening.

A souvenir from last year party in Amsterdam created by me, Ben!

See you all in Berlin!



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7 responses to “3 days to celebrate Tina Turner!

  1. Annamaria Csepeli

    Greetings from Hungary, Tina – Anna-Mae!

  2. Joyce

    Happy Birthday Tina Turner!!! May you live in good health and have longevity. I wish i’d come to berlin to celebrate you my queen it’d been a dream come true for me. I love you! Kisses to everyone celebrating with you! From Nigeria.

  3. Paulo Fernandes

    I love Tina Turner since I bought my first Long Play Private Dancer in 1984.

  4. barb guzzie

    Most amazing Tina. N the World
    Would b an honor to meet her Anna mae

  5. Anthony

    Not to beat a dead horse…but…this would be a perfect time in the year and season to release the 30th Anniversary Edition of Tina Turner’s 1984 classic, PRIVATE DANCER.



    Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2014 20:15:55 +0000 To: mafkih@hotmail.com

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