Tina Turner Christmas 2014 Beyond

Tina Turner gives to the world her Christmas wishes for the year 2014. A “precious gift” and new video uploaded by the Beyond Team!

GET ‘BEYOND’ (2009): http://goo.gl/uYccFZ
GET ‘CHILDREN BEYOND’ (2011): http://goo.gl/vfrDek
GET “BEYOND ‘LOVE WITHIN’ (2014): http://goo.gl/hiuNOG

5 Replies to “A Christmas message by Tina”

  1. Has her Beyond spiritual CD been released yet. Our music shops haven’t heard of it yet.
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  2. What a statement of a Motherless Child,
    Oh How “I” could Relate to This…
    really what is missing…is a “Sense of your Being”..
    and to Un-Tie ur emotional self, and find the Truth within Yourself,
    It “ALL” makes you a Stronger Person than you realize..
    So .Keep asking God,,
    the answers will come when you Least expect it..
    I promise you, it will come..


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