Children Beyond - front cover

Great news! The second album of the (so far) Beyond trilogy, “Children Beyond” just turned Gold! Congratulations to Regula, Dechen and of course Miss Tina!

From the album, the peace mantra ‘Sarvesham Svastir Bhavatu’ now 2.6 millions views (and growing) on YT! Clip by Ben.

GET ‘BEYOND’ (2009):

4 Replies to “Children Beyond turns Gold”

  1. Hello, to everyone that feels like a motherless child and I’m keeping myself busy to avoid the hurt. The only peace I have is that, I’ve found grace in another offering to replace the taking. A long time 70, in the all rights reserved, a motherless child. I hope my new homeland will look favorable of me, as I will them with new energy for life. The greatest is that the new offering can control and reverse life circle. A new year is coming for some peace. Tina thanks for the prayers.


  2. To hear “Children Beyond” is like hearing love in the form of music. I play this album often, as it makes me feel peaceful and happy from the inside-out. Thank you MS Turner, MS Shak Dagsay and MS Curti. The world is a better place because of you and your music. May music always be a source of happiness and inner peace for you. I send all of you my heartfelt Blessings. Thank you again for sharing your talents with the world.
    Tashi Delek, Namaste’ & Peace-
    Dechen Lhamo


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