Tina Turner is not the person for interviews. She has publicly stated that she doesn’t enjoy doing promotion for her albums and tours, and tries to avoid in-depth interviews as much as possible. However, when the chemistry with the interviewer is there, it can lead to an interesting conversation.
Back in 1996, Tina was interviewed by Jules Carling on VH1’s ‘One to One’ program. Besides discussing her, then new, album Wildest Dreams, she also answers some more intimate questions on her personal life and spirituality. Overall, a very interesting and candid interview! Continue reading for part two!

4 Replies to “One To One With TINA”

  1. OMG! Love this post. Thank you! Tina was so relaxed, so absolutely gorgeous, and I loved everything she had to say. I’m definitely in my Tina mood for today, and after work, I’ll have my own personal Tina party, which I’m known to do every so often. She’s the BEST!!!


  2. Well, if she ever did another album (the Jazz one, I hope), I would VERY MUCH LOVE her to contribute to the writing of a portion of the songs on it, as much as I want her to have top-notch writers and producers helm the overall project. I do think she has something to say.


  3. Tina is so down to earth, she has been poor, she has been rich, she has been sad and now she is happy, what an act. Tina you will always be my favorite.


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